My Funny Valentine (from “Babes in Arms”)

~ Song


lyricist:Lorenz Hart (in 1937)
composer:Richard Rodgers (in 1937)
publisher:Chappell & Co., Inc. (USA)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Williamson Music Company
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q1956401 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley: My Funny Valentine / If I Loved You (order: 1)
later translated versions:Min ven
part of:Babes in Arms (full musical)
is the basis for:Traumvision
has revision:My Funny Quarantine (parody of My Funny Valentine from Babes in Arms by Richard Rodgers)
arrangements:My Funny Valentine (arr. Bjørn Kruse)
My Funny Valentine (arr. Andrea Figallo)


1945-08-15My Funny Valentine (live, 1945-08-15)liveCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:37
1947-11-24My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan / Chet Baker8:40
1952-04My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJohnny Smith Quintet feat. Stan Getz2:40
1952-09-02My Funny Valentine (instrumental)Gerry Mulligan Quartet & Chet Baker2:57
1953-05-20My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet5:17
1953-06-12My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker3:01
1953-11-05My Funny Valentine (1953-11-05 studio recording)coverFrank Sinatra2:36
1953-11-05My Funny ValentinecoverFrank Sinatra2:31
1953-11-05My Funny Valentine (recorded 1953-11-05)Frank Sinatra2:33
1954-02-10My Funny ValentineSarah Vaughan2:59
1954-02-15My Funny Valentine (studio, mono, 1954-02-15: Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA)coverChet Baker2:20
1954-02-15My Funny ValentineinstrumentalChet Baker2:17
1954-03-30My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBen Webster Quartet3:27
1954-03My Funny Valentine (R. Rodgers-L. Hart)instrumentalStan Kenton and His Orchestra3:17
1954-04-29My Funny ValentineinstrumentalPete Rugolo and His Orchestra2:49
1954-05-09My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveChet Baker Quartet5:26
1954-05-09My Funny ValentinecoverChet Baker Quartet4:55
1954-06-08My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBud Powell2:56
1954-06My Funny ValentineArtie Shaw5:31
1954-08-14Medley: My Funny Valentine / Don't Worry 'Bout Me / Bess, You Is My Woman Now / It Might as Well Be SpringmedleyClifford Brown, Max Roach, Harold Land, Richie Powell, George Morrow, Herb Geller, Keter Betts, Junior Mance, Clark Terry, Maynard Ferguson, Dinah Washington11:36
1954-10-28My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJimmy Jones Trio3:56
1954My Funny ValentineChet Baker3:17
1954My Funny ValentineChet Baker3:03
1954My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBeryl Booker5:42
1954My Funny ValentineinstrumentalEllis Larkins3:02
1955-04-29My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMartial Solal Trio3:39
1955-05-20My Funny ValentineMilt Jackson4:40
1955-06-30Ballad Medley: My Funny Valentine / Darn That Dream / It Might As Well Be Springinstrumental, live and medleyThe Clifford Brown–Max Roach Quintet10:14
1955-08-04Funny ValentineThe Chico Hamilton Quintet4:15
1955-08-23My Funny ValentineChico Hamilton Quintet4:18
1955-09-30My Funny ValentineinstrumentalSonny Stitt3:29
1955-10-09My Funny ValentineinstrumentalChet Baker feat. Dick Twardzik6:01
1955-10-14My Funny ValentineinstrumentalRuby Braff, Ellis Larkins5:35
1955-12-11My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveChet Baker3:07
1956-03-02My Funny ValentineinstrumentalLucky Thompson4:14
1956-03-13My Funny ValentineinstrumentalArt Simmons Quartet3:28
1956-03-13My Funny ValentineArt Simmons Quartet2:36
1956-03-21My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJimmy Giuffre5:06
1956-06-17My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJimmy Smith6:20
1956-07-29My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet3:08
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My Funny ValentineElla Fitzgerald3:55
1956-10-26My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMiles Davis Quintet6:03
1956-10My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMiles Davis Quintet5:59
1956-11-17My Funny ValentinecoverStan Kenton And His Orchestra6:47
1956My Funny ValentineinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio3:10
1957-02-04My Funny ValentineinstrumentalCharlie Byrd3:38
1957-02-28 – 1957-03-02My Funny ValentineDakota Staton2:45
1957-03-02Funny ValentineRed Norvo3:50
1957-03-06My Funny ValentineCarmen McRae4:22
1957-03-06My Funny ValentineCarmen McRae4:19
1957-05My Funny ValentineinstrumentalThe Candoli Brothers Sextet3:24
1957-06-09My Funny Valentine (live, 1957-06-09: Seattle Civic Auditorium, Seattle, WA, USA)liveFrank Sinatra2:34
1957-06-09My Funny ValentineliveFrank Sinatra2:44
1957-07-06My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveGerry Mulligan Quartet4:50
1957-07My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson4:00
1957-10-15My Funny ValentineinstrumentalKenny Drew4:10
1957-11-15My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveJimmy Smith11:04
1957My Funny Valentine (from "Pal Joey")Trudy Erwin (for Kim Novak)2:04
1958-01-17My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveThe Ahmad Jamal Trio3:29
1958-01-17My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal3:24
1958-01My Funny ValentineinstrumentalThe Ahmad Jamal Trio3:25
1958-03-07My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJimmy Deuchar3:38
1958-04-02My Funny ValentineAnita O’Day3:37
1958-04-04My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBuddy DeFranco and His Septette3:05
1958-08-10My Funny Valentine (live, 1958-08-10: Mister Kelly’s, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveElla Fitzgerald3:05
1958-09-09My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMiles Davis & Bill Evans10:18
1958-09-09My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBill Evans10:20
1958-09-09My Funny ValentinecoverMiles Davis10:05
1958-10-09My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveMiles Davis Sextet10:19
1958-12-04My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:23
1958My Funny ValentineKen Nordine2:43
1959My Funny ValentineGordon MacRae3:32
1960-01-13 – 1960-01-14My Funny ValentineBobby Timmons5:08
1960-04-04My Funny ValentinecoverThe Zeniths4:32
1960-09-16 – 1960-09-20My Funny ValentineinstrumentalThe Jazztet, Art Farmer & Benny Golson4:35
1960-09My Funny ValentineinstrumentalThe Jazztet4:36
1960 – 1961My Funny ValentinecoverDoc Severinsen & His Big Band3:59
1961-02-18My Funny Valentine (live, 1961-02-18: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveElla Fitzgerald3:37
1961-05-13My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveArt Blakey and The Jazz Messengers feat. Wayne Shorter6:59
1961-07My Funny ValentineJoy Bryan3:50
1961-08-01My Funny Valentinecover and instrumentalGrant Green With Yusef Lateef, Jack McDuff, Al Harewood9:06
1961-09-14My Funny Valentineinstrumental and livePaul Desmond3:54
1961-09-14My Funny Valentineinstrumental and livePaul Desmond3:52
1961-12-02My Funny Valentine (live, 1961-12-02: Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia)liveFrank Sinatra2:59
1961I'll Take Romance / My Funny Valentineinstrumental, live and medleyAhmad Jamal6:12
1961My Funny ValentineinstrumentalChris Anderson Trio4:27
1961My Funny ValentineFrank Sinatra2:37
1962-04-24 – 1962-05-14My Funny ValentinecoverBill Evans & Jim Hall5:26
1962-05-14My Funny ValentineinstrumentalBill Evans & Jim Hall5:24
1962-05-14My Funny Valentine (alternate take)cover and instrumentalBill Evans & Jim Hall6:56
1962-06-01My Funny ValentineliveFrank Sinatra2:50
1962-06-05My Funny ValentineliveFrank Sinatra2:57
1962Medley: I’ll Take Romance / My Funny Valentineinstrumental and medleyThe Ahmad Jamal Trio6:12
1962My Funny ValentinecoverNino Ferrer2:32
1963-07-05My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveMcCoy Tyner8:03
1964-02-12My Funny ValentineinstrumentalMiles Davis14:55
1964-02-12My Funny Valentineinstrumental and liveMiles Davis14:54
1964-02-12My Funny Valentinecover, instrumental and liveMiles Davis15:13
1964-05-01My Funny ValentineinstrumentalJ.J. Johnson3:02
1964-07-14My Funny Valentine (live, 1964-07-14: Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan)instrumental and liveMiles Davis12:49
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