composer:G. Kihn
S. Wright (bassist for the Greg Kihn Band)
lyricist:A. Yankovic
publisher:Ear Booker Music
Wikidata:Q2397834 [info]
parody version of:Jeopardy


1984-08-13I Lost on Jeopardy (live, 1984-08-13: The Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, KY, USA)live“Weird Al” Yankovic3:40
Hardware Store and More!cover and medleyLarryInc64?:??
I Lost on Jeopardy“Weird Al” Yankovic3:29
I Lost on Jeopardy (extended mix)“Weird Al” Yankovic5:26
Medley: Pretty Fly for a Rabbi / Another One Rides the Bus / I Love Rocky Road / Achy Breaky Song / Jurassic Park / Grapefruit Diet / I Lost on Jeopardy / Eat It (live, 1999-10-02: Marin County Civic Center, San Rafael, CA, USA)live and medley“Weird Al” Yankovic9:39