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writer:Boyan Chowdhury
Dave McCabe (English singer, songwriter and guitarist)
Abi Harding
Sean Payne (member of The Big Kids, The Isrites, The Zutons)
Russ Pritchard
Wikidata:Q2634654 [info]


2006-05-25Valerie (live)liveThe Zutons3:53
2006ValerieThe Zutons3:56
2007-02-08Valerie (live, 2007-02-08: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveAmy Winehouse5:13
2007-02-19Valerie (live, 2007-02-19: Astoria, London, UK)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:37
2007-03-08Valerie (live, 2007-03-08: Porchester Hall, London, England)cover and liveAmy Winehouse?:??
2007-03-08Valerie (live, 2007-03-08: BBC One Sessions at Porchester Hall, London, UK)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:37
2007-03-16Valerie (live, 2007-03-16: South by Southwest, La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, USA)cover and liveAmy Winehouse?:??
2007-04-27Valerie (live, 2007-04-27: Coachella Festival, Gobi Tent, Indio, CA, USA)cover and liveAmy Winehouse?:??
2007-06-22Valerie (live, 2007-06-22: Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, UK)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:47
2007-10-15Valerie (live, 2007-10-15: Absolutely Live, Tempodrom, Berlin)cover and liveAmy Winehouse4:26
2007Valerie (live on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London, 2007)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:52
2008-07-15Valerie (live, 2008-07-15: iTunes Festival, KOKO, Camden Town, London, UK)liveThe Zutons4:10
2011-06Valerie (live, 2011-06: Izod Center, East Rutherford, USA)cover and liveGlee Cast2:06
2012-01-03Valerie / Torn (live, 2012-01-03: Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth BH2 5BH, UK)cover, live and medleyOne Direction2:55
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:39
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:52
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse4:02
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse4:01
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:52
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:53
ValeriecoverSão Vicente feat. Ituana3:42
ValerieThe Zutons3:57
ValerieThe Zutons3:56
ValeriecoverJamie Scott & The Town4:34
ValerieThe Zutons3:56
ValeriecoverJabru Feat. Maz Totterdell4:11
Valerie (Acoustic - BBC Session)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:51
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:37
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:52
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse?:??
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:53
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:39
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse4:14
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:52
Valerie (live)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:38
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:52
Valerie (live: BBC Sessions)coverAmy Winehouse3:51
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:37
Valerie (live, 2007-05-29: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England)cover and liveAmy Winehouse5:20
Valerie (live, Radioeins Rbb, 2007-01-24: Kalkscheune, Berlin, Germany)cover and liveAmy Winehouse4:15
Valerie (live, Radio 1's Live Lounge)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:51
ValeriecoverKen Ishiwata3:42
Valerie (live, Radio 1's Live Lounge)liveThe Zutons3:53
ValeriecoverHooray for Our Side3:20
ValeriecoverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:39
ValerieThe Zutons3:51
ValerieThe Zutons3:57
ValerieThe Zutons4:00
ValerieThe Zutons3:54
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValeriecoverFulda Cocktail Band3:28
ValeriecoverJessica Manning4:09
Valeriecover and liveThe Best of Britain3:52
ValerieThe Zutons3:54
ValeriecoverGlee Cast3:33
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValerieThe Zutons3:57
ValerieThe Zutons3:56
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValerieThe Zutons3:58
ValerieThe Zutons3:52
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValerieThe Zutons3:51
ValerieThe Zutons3:57
ValerieThe Zutons3:52
ValerieThe Zutons?:??
ValerieThe Zutons3:55
ValerieThe Zutons3:32
Valerie (live)cover and liveAmy Winehouse?:??
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:56
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:51
ValeriecoverAmy Winehouse3:50
Valerie (live, 2007: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London)coverAmy Winehouse3:53
Valerie (’68 version)coverAmy Winehouse4:00
Valerie (27 Dresses)coverAmy Winehouse3:50
Valerie (Baby J remix)coverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse, Rukus, Precha, Alex Blood & Malik3:35
Valerie (BBC radio 1 live Lounge)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:52
Valerie (Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix)coverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse5:28
Valerie (live acoustic version)liveThe Zutons3:57
Valerie (live at Kalkscheune / Berlin)cover and liveAmy Winehouse4:15
Valerie (Live from Abbey Road)liveThe Zutons5:35
Valerie (Live from Leas Cliff Hall)liveThe Zutons3:53
Valerie (live lounge)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:49
Valerie (live, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London/2007)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:51
Valerie (live)cover and liveAmy Winehouse3:51
Valerie (live)cover and liveAmy Winehouse feat. Mark Ronson2:18
Valerie (Radio 2 live version)The Zutons3:57
Valerie (Reggaesta remix)coverAmy Winehouse3:53
Valerie (version revisited)coverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:38
Valerie (version Revisited)coverMark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse3:39