writer:John Lennon (The Beatles) (in 1967)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (in 1967)
arranger:Lauren Scott
publisher:Maclen Music Ltd.
Northern Songs
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (1995-2020)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC
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1968-02-03Across the Universe (take 2)The Beatles3:28
1968-02-04Across the Universe (Let It Be… Naked version)The Beatles3:38
1968-02-04Across the Universe (take 6)The Beatles3:53
1968-02-04 – 1968-02-08Across the Universe (original “Wildlife” version from No One’s Gonna Change Our World)The Beatles3:49
1968-02-04 – 1968-02-08Across the Universe (original mono studio mix; wildlife overdub)The Beatles3:50
1968-02-04 – 1970-04-01Across the Universe (original studio mix)The Beatles3:47
1968-02-04 – 1970-04-01Across the Universe (2021 mix)The Beatles3:48
1969-01-06Across the Universe 6.18The Beatles3:07
1969-01-06Across the Universe 6.113The Beatles3:53
1969-01-06 – 1969-01-09Across the Universe (live, 1969-01-30)The Beatles3:18
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.83partialThe Beatles0:33
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.84The Beatles3:21
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.85The Beatles1:33
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.88The Beatles4:52
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.89The Beatles3:50
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.90The Beatles1:08
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.92The Beatles4:03
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.96partialThe Beatles0:08
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.99The Beatles5:33
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.100partialThe Beatles0:49
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.104The Beatles3:35
1969-01-07Across the Universe 7.135The Beatles3:29
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.69partialThe Beatles1:03
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.70partialThe Beatles1:01
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.71partialThe Beatles0:06
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.72partialThe Beatles0:33
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.73The Beatles1:28
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.74partialThe Beatles1:02
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.75partialThe Beatles0:07
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.76partialThe Beatles0:05
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.77partialThe Beatles0:04
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.80The Beatles4:15
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.81The Beatles1:59
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.82The Beatles3:34
1969-01-09Across the Universe 9.87partialThe Beatles0:20
1985-10Across the UniversecoverOfra Harnoy & Armin Electric Strings3:50
1985-12-05Across the Universe (BBC TV, 5 December 1985)coverRoger Waters2:34
1993-03Across the Universe (live, 1993: Tokyo, Japan)cover and live10cc3:37
1993-11-30Dissident / Across the Universecover, live and partialPearl Jam3:38
1993Across the Universe (live, 1993-3: Tokyo, Japan)cover and live10cc4:08
2006-03-19Across the Universe (live, 2006-03-19: Palladium, Cologne, Germany)cover and liveElement of Crime5:58
2011-11Across the UniversecoverBig Yellow Taxi4:14
2017-08Across the Universecover and instrumentalChris Gall Trio6:12
2020-12-19Across the Universe (Live Stream at St. Johns The Evangelist Church, Oxford, UK, 2020-12-19)cover and liveSteve Hogarth?:??
Accross the Universe (stripped‐down mix)David Bowie?:??
Across the universecover and instrumentalФёдор Чистяков4:54
Across the Universecover and instrumentalLauren Scott4:22
Across the UniversecoverVie Vie5:07
Across the UniverseRab Howat3:47
Across the UniversecoverOld Soul3:42
Across the UniversecoverUnidimensional?:??
Across the UniversecoverDavid Bowie4:32
Across the UniversecoverThe Ultimate Beatles Cover Band4:36
Across the UniversecoverBill Lloyd4:16
Across the UniversecoverQuique Neira5:38
Across the UniverseFiona Apple5:03
Across the Universecover and instrumentalФёдор Чистяков6:07
Across the UniversecoverWalter Lang Trio3:34
Across the Universecover and instrumentalOfra Harnoy3:49
Across the UniversecoverAllred3:36
Across the UniverseJohn Lennon3:48
Across the Universe (live: Japan)cover and live10cc4:06
Across the UniverseThe Beatles3:51
Across the UniversecoverNicholas Mrozinski4:12
Across the UniversecoverEvanescence3:42
Across the Universecover and instrumentalThe Mersey Symphonia Perform3:36
Across the Universecover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players3:23
Across the Universecover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal3:51
Across the UniverseinstrumentalKazuhito Yamashita3:55
Across the UniversecoverStefan Heidtmann Quartet8:00
Across the UniversecoverChristian Ale4:07
Across the UniversecoverBeady Eye4:10
Across the UniversecoverSean Wayland4:55
Across the UniversecoverCris Camacho4:09
Across the UniversecoverFiona Apple4:02
Across the UniversecoverBasement Alchemy4:56
Across the UniverseJohn Lennon3:45
Across the UniversecoverThe Reggae Specials3:55
Across the Universecover and instrumentalLasha4:34
Across the Universecover and instrumentalWadim Brodski3:10
Across the UniversecoverD.E.F. Orkestra4:59
Across the UniversecoverHanging Dong5:00
Across the UniversecoverJane Duboc4:06
Across the Universecover and instrumentalMariachi México de Pepe Villa4:26
Across the UniverseThe Beatles3:21
Across the Universecover and instrumentalImaginary Sound Project3:19
Across the Universecover and instrumentalAntoine Goudeseune3:00
Across the UniversecoverDee Long4:07
Across the UniverseThe Beatles?:??
Across the UniversecoverAuscultate4:16
Across the UniversecoverMEEKS3:56
Across the Universecover and instrumentalAndré Mehmari3:06
Across the UniverseJackson Browne & Robby Krieger4:37
Across the Universecover and instrumentalRRSO Symphony Orchestra5:27
Across the Universecover and instrumentalMariano Yanani2:59
Across the Universecover and instrumentalわたなべゆう?:??
Across the Universecover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra3:14
Across the UniversecoverRootz Underground?:??
Across the UniversecoverKrista Crommett3:31
Across the UniversecoverBruce Lang3:37
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