lyricist:Chris Cornell (Soundgarden lead singer)
composer:Tim Commerford
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden lead singer)
Tom Morello
Brad Wilk
publisher:Disappearing One
LBV Songs
Me Three Publishing
Melee Savvy Music


2005-05-06Like a Stone (live, 2005-05-06: Plaza Anti Imperialista, Havana, Cuba)liveAudioslave5:14
2006-09-07Like a StoneliveChris Cornell4:46
2011-04-20Like a StoneliveChris Cornell4:04
2011-04-22Like a StoneliveChris Cornell4:11
Like a Stonecover and instrumental8‐Bit Arcade4:40
Like a StoneAudioslave5:00
Like a StoneAudioslave4:54
Like a StonecoverLena Hall3:36
Like a Stonecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:50
Like a Stone (live, 2017-06-04: Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany)liveProphets of Rage feat. Serj Tankian5:11
Like a Stone (Live from New York City)liveAudioslave4:45
Like a StonecoverFrancoise Sanders3:50
Like a Stone (live BBC Radio 1 session)liveAudioslave4:57
Like a Stone (live)liveAudioslave4:24