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  • First copyright date: 1965-03-29
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1965-01)
publisher:Blossom Music Ltd.
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
lyrics page: [info]
Wikidata:Q7091500 [info]


1965-01-13On the Road Again (take 1, 1/13/1965, complete)Bob Dylan3:22
1965-01-14On the Road Again (take 1, 1/14/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:28
1965-01-14On the Road Again (take 2, 1/14/1965, complete)Bob Dylan2:54
1965-01-14On the Road Again (take 3, 1/14/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:43
1965-01-14On the Road Again (take 4, 1/14/1965, complete)Bob Dylan2:31
1965-01-15On the Road Again (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan2:36
1965-01-15On the Road Again (officially released studio recording)Bob Dylan2:38
1965-01-15On the Road Again (take 1 remake, 1/15/1965, complete)Bob Dylan2:31
1965-01-15On the Road Again (take 7 remake, 1/15/1965, complete)Bob Dylan2:49
1965-01-15On the Road Again (take 11 remake, 1/15/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:46
1965-01-15On the Road Again (take 12 remake, 1/15/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:16
1965-01-15On the Road Again (takes 2–6 remake, 1/15/1965, false starts/complete)Bob Dylan2:47
1965-01-15On the Road Again (takes 8–9 remake, 1/15/1965, false starts)partialBob Dylan0:38
1997-12-20On the Road Again (1997-12-20: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveWillie Nelson?:??
On the Road Again (stereo remix #1)Bob Dylan2:38
On the Road Again (stereo remix #2)Bob Dylan2:38
On the Road AgainWillie Nelson2:31
On the Road AgainBob Dylan2:38
On the Road AgaincoverJulie Doiron3:35
On the Road AgainBob Dylan2:39
On the Road AgainBob Dylan?:??
On the Road AgainBob Dylan?:??
On The Road AgaincoverNob Dylan and His Nobsoletes2:48
On the Road Again (5.1 mix)Bob Dylan2:38