The Horse and His Boy (“The Chronicles of Narnia”, 5th novel)

~ Prose


writer:C. S. Lewis
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later translated versions:Der Ritt nach Narnia („Die Chroniken von Narnia“, Neckenauer translation)
Der Ritt nach Narnia („Die Chroniken von Narnia“, Hohlbein/Rendel translation)
Der Ritt nach Narnia oder Das Pferd und sein Junge („Die Chroniken von Narnia“, Lademann-Wildhagen translation)
Hesten og drengen
part of:The Chronicles of Narnia (series of seven high fantasy novels) (order: 5)


Chapter 01: “How Shasta Set Out on His Travels”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings22:28
Chapter 02: “A Wayside Adventure”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings21:50
Chapter 03: “At the Gates of Tashbaan”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings19:53
Chapter 04: “Shasta Falls in With the Narnians”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings19:27
Chapter 05: “Prince Corin”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings17:40
Chapter 06: “Shasta Among the Tombs”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings15:50
Chapter 07: “Aravis in Tashbaan”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings18:03
Chapter 08: “In the House of the Tisroc”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings17:55
Chapter 09: “Across the Desert”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings18:44
Chapter 10: “The Hermit of the Southern March”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings19:02
Chapter 11: “The Unwelcome Fellow Traveler”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings18:53
Chapter 12: “Shasta in Narnia”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings16:33
Chapter 13: “The Fight at Arvard”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings18:00
Chapter 14: “How Bree Became a Wiser Horse”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings17:35
Chapter 15: “Rabadash the Ridiculous”partialC.S. Lewis read by Alex Jennings19:44