writer:Jeff Bass
Marshall Mathers
Luis Resto
publisher:Eight Mile Style
part of:Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 75) (order: 69)
Wikidata:Q957616 [info]
later parody versions:Couch Potato
Look Yourself
Mom's Spaghetti
lyrics quoted on:Meme Stealer


2006-03-16Medley: When I Come Around / Seek & Destroy / Dammit / Symphony of Destruction / Lose Yourself / Sweet Home Alabama / Raining Blood / Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love / Du Hast (live, 2006-03-16: Astoria, London, UK)cover, live and medleyTrivium7:37
2010-09-02Lose Yourself (outro) (live, 2010-09-02: Comerica Park, Detroit, MI, USA)liveEminem8:34
2013-05-05Ain’t No Sunshine/Lose Yourself (live, 2013-05-05: Water Hill Music Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, USA)cover, live and partialVienna Teng6:29
2013-11-16Ain’t No Sunshine/Lose Yourself (live, 2013-11-16: The Independent, San Francisco, CA, US)cover, live and partialVienna Teng6:28
Lose YourselfcoverLuca Stricagnoli4:05
Lose YourselfcoverGuano Apes2:51
Lose Yourselfcover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:53
Lose Yourselfcover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:53
Lose YourselfcoverLeo Moracchioli5:26
Lose Yourself (clean)partialEminem5:21
Lose YourselfcoverWater From Your Eyes4:48
Lose YourselfpartialEminem1:05
Lose Yourself (part of "Before the Relapse 2" DJ-mix)partialEminem, DJ Haze & DJ Capcom1:35
Lose YourselfcoverThe United State of Hip-Hop4:28
Lose YourselfcoverPaul Young5:16
Lose YourselfcoverSponge4:11
Lose Yourself (explicit)Eminem5:22
Lose Yourself (live, Radio 1's Live Lounge)cover and liveThe Script4:12
Lose Yourself (Clean)coverSponge4:09
Nur geträumt / Lose Yourself (Nena vs. Eminem)DJ Hifi Brown5:44
Nur geträumt vs. Lose Yourself (Nena vs. Eminem)DJ Hifi Brown3:52