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writer: Beck Hansen
John King (US producer, The Dust Brothers)
Mike Simpson (member of The Dust Brothers)
publisher: Dust Brothers Music
Plastic Kosmos Music
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)
Wikidata: Q5564333 [info]
lyrics page: [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Girl cover Jesse Harper, Ben Krakauer, Pete Frostic & Nate Leath 3:53
Girl Beck 2:31
Girl Beck 2:35
Girl live Beck ?:??
Girl Beck 2:25
Girl Beck 3:34
Girl Beck 3:30
Girl Beck 3:32
Girl Beck 3:30
Girl Beck ?:??
Girl Beck 3:30
Girl live Beck ?:??
Girl (5.1 mix) Beck 3:30
Girl (album version) Beck 3:28
Girl (Octet remix) Beck 3:54
Girl (Octet remix) Beck 3:53
Girl (Paza remix) Beck 2:45
Girl (remix by Octet) Beck 3:53
Girl (remixed by Junior Senior) Beck 4:13
Girl (visual mix) Beck 3:30