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composer:Giancarlo Bigazzi
Raffaele Riefoli (Italian pop singer)
lyricist:Steve Piccolo
lyrics page: [info]
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Wikidata:Q1550581 [info]
Wikipedia:en: Self Control (Raf song) [info]
later versions:Que día es hoy
Self Control
Self Control


Medley: New Year's Eve (live)cover and medleyLaura Pausini20:15
Self ControlRaf6:08
Self ControlRaf3:55
Self ControlRaf3:58
Self ControlliveRaf?:??
Self ControlRaf3:56
Self ControlRaff?:??
Self ControlRaf6:08
Self ControlRaf3:59
Self ControlRaf6:08
Self ControlRaf3:58
Self ControlRaf3:57
Self ControlRaf3:58
Self ControlRaf2:30
Self ControlRaf3:59
Self ControlRaf2:50
Self ControlRaf3:58
Self Control (full length version) (part of a “Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 5” DJ‐mix)Raf4:00
Self Control (Special Maxi Version)Raf6:08
Self Control, Part OneRaf4:16
Self Control, Part TwoRaf4:02