Aces High (Iron Maiden song)

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composer:Steve Harris (Iron Maiden bassist)
lyricist:Steve Harris (Iron Maiden bassist)
publisher:Imagem London Ltd.
Imagem Music GmbH (subsidiary of Dutch music publishers Imagem)
Iron Maiden Publishing Overseas Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label)
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Zomba Music Publishing)
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Wikidata:Q1338995 [info]


1985-03Intro: Churchill’s Speech / Aces High (live, 1985-03: Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveIron Maiden5:29
1985Aces High (live, 1985)liveIron Maiden?:??
2008-02-01Aces High (live, 2008-02-01: MMRDA Grounds Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India)liveIron Maiden4:50
2009-02-20Aces High (live, 2009-02-20: Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand)liveIron Maiden?:??
2012-07-07Aces High (live, 2012-07-07: Ottawa Bluesfest, Main Stage, Ottawa, ON, Canada)liveIron Maiden5:42
Aces HighIron Maiden5:12
Aces HighcoverSteve ’n’ Seagulls4:18
Aces HighcoverScott Lavender4:46
Aces HighcoverTim “Ripper” Owens, Ira Black & Richard Kendrick4:44
Aces HighcoverCry Venom4:18
Aces HighcoverPiece of Mind?:??
Aces HighcoverJeff Scott Soto, Nuno Bettencourt, Billy Sheehan & Vinny Appice4:58
Aces HighcoverPharaoh5:02
Aces HighcoverMaiden uniteD5:04
Aces Highcover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series4:46
Aces HighcoverAbducted4:15
Aces HighcoverAnton Maiden4:41
Aces Highcover[unknown]4:32
Aces HighIron Maiden4:32
Aces HighcoverThe Iron Maidens5:19
Aces HighcoverChildren of Bodom4:29
Aces HighcoverArch Enemy4:24
Aces HighcoverMachine Men5:03
Aces HighcoverSteve Grimmett4:38
Aces HighcoverNoiszart4:46
Aces HighcoverBurden of Grief4:40
Aces HighcoverNottingham4:55
Aces Highcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:47
Aces Highcover and instrumentalThomas Zwijsen3:42
Aces HighcoverAnton Maiden4:49
Aces HighcoverBaaba Kulka4:18
Aces HighcoverElectric Frankenstein4:43
Aces HighcoverImatran Voima5:20
Aces High (live, 1985-03: Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveIron Maiden4:40
Aces High (Iron Maiden cover)coverRicardo Vignini & Zé Helder5:02
Aces High (live)Iron Maiden5:25
Aces High (video)Iron Maiden5:01
Medley: Kill the King / Bark at the Moon / Freewheel Burning / Lights Out / Aces Highcover屍忌蛇6:50