The Raven (poem by E.A. Poe)

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lyricist and writer:Edgar Allan Poe (American writer)
lyrics page: [info]
Wikidata:Q22726 [info]
later translated versions:Kaaren
later versions:The Raven (Camp Z + Madame B)
The Raven
is the basis for:That’s How the Story Ends


1958The RavenBasil Rathbone8:19
Der RabeGerd Berghofer / Robert Lampis9:54
Tale V: The RavenEdgar Allen Poe read by Ed Kelly9:43
The RavenEdgar Allan Poe read by Basil Rathbone3:36
The RavenEdgar Allan Poe performed by Basil Rathbone8:22
The RavenChristopher Walken8:30
The RavencoverRotting Christ5:23
The Raven (excerpt)Abel Ferrara1:56