writer:Curtis Jackson
Scott Storch (producer)
publisher:50 Cent Music
Kobalt Music Copyrights Sarl
Reservoir Media Music
Scott Storch Music
TVT Music
TVT Music, Inc.
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available)
Universal Music Publishing Group
referred to in medleys:Polkarama!


Candy ShopcoverThe BossHoss3:31
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia?:??
Candy Shop50 Cent2:47
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia?:??
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia3:18
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia5:26
Candy Shop50 Cent3:06
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia4:13
Candy ShopcoverThe Baseballs3:20
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia3:29
Candy Shop50 Cent3:26
Candy Shop50 Cent feat. Olivia3:27
Candy Shop50 Cent feat Olivia3:28
Candy Shop50 Cent3:28
Candy Shop (part of “TwiceasNice: Urban Anthems” DJ-mix)50 Cent feat. Olivia3:02
Candy Shop (album)50 Cent3:32
Candy Shop (Andrew Luce remix)50 Cent feat. Olivia4:05
Candy Shop (clean)50 Cent3:32
Candy Shop (explicit)50 Cent feat. Olivia3:28
Candy Shop (instrumental)instrumental50 Cent3:30
Candy Shop (remix)50 Cent feat. Olivia & Marques Houston?:??
Candy Shop (Rx & Shiftee remix)50 Cent3:34
Candy Shop (super clean)50 Cent3:32
Polkarama! (instrumental version)medley“Weird Al” Yankovic4:20