lyricist and composer:Wallace Willis (in 1862)
publisher:E.C. Music (UK work publisher for Eric Clapton)
Throat Music
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
part of:Roud Folk Song Index (number: 5435) (order: 693)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q1750385 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley 1: Brazil / You Are Too Beautiful / Cecilia (Does Your Mother Know You're Out) / Love Walked In / You Made Me Love You / Nothing Could Be Finer / Please Be Kind / Dancing With Tears in My Eyes / Maria / Try Little Tenderness / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / What Is This Thing Called Love / Did You Ever See a Deer Walking (order: 11)
later parody versions:Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
later versions:Swing Down Sweet Chariot
is the basis for:Fantasy and Fugue on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Sweet Chariot (march)
Swing Low (Run With the Ball)
Vieux chariot
arrangements:Swing Low ’99 (1999 Rugby World Cup version, arr. C. Skarbek / T.R. Evans)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (arrangement from “The Spiritual Medley”)


1909-12-01Swing Low, Sweet ChariotFisk Jubilee Singers2:54
1912-02-26Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverApollo Male Quartette2:52
1917-12-21Swing Low, Sweet ChariotRoland Hayes2:42
1936-12-09Swing Low, Sweet ChariotinstrumentalBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:25
1937-07-23Swing Low, Sweet ChariotCasa Loma Orchestra?:??
1938-05-25Swing Low Sweet ChariotEbony Three2:21
1938-08-28Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (studio, 1938-08-28: HMV matrix OEA-6385-3)Fats Waller2:56
1938Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (broadcast recording, 1938)liveJudy Garland1:52
1939-11-03Swing Low, Sweet ChariotMildred Bailey2:49
1939-11-20Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (radio transcription, 1939-11-20)Fats Waller2:21
1940-03-09Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverTommy Dorsey4:31
1940-05-28Swing Low, Sweet ChariotliveTommy Dorsey and His Orchestra featuring Bunny Berigan?:??
1941-02-11Introduction -Swing Low Sweet Chariotcover and liveTommy Dorsey and His Orchestra?:??
1941-02-17Swing Low Sweet ChariotTommy Dorsey4:05
1944-11-20Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverFrank Sinatra?:??
1945-02-15Medley: a) Everytime I Feel the Spirit / b) Swing Low Sweet Chariot / c) They Hung Him on the CrossmedleyLead Belly3:27
1945-02-15Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverLead Belly1:06
1947-01-29Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra2:23
1950-10-31Swing Low, Sweet ChariotinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie with the Orchestra of Johnny Richards2:53
1950-10-31Swing Low, Sweet ChariotinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie2:57
1950-10-31Swing Low, Sweet ChariotDizzy Gillespie with the Orchestra of Johnny Richards2:53
1951-03-17Swing Low Sweet ChariotBill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys2:44
1951-03-17Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 1)Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys2:53
1951-03-17Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 2)Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys2:50
1951-03-17Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 3, breakdown)partialBill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys0:41
1955Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverThe Golden Gate Quartet3:18
1959-01-13Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (stereo)coverJohnny Cash1:53
1959Swing Low, Sweet ChariotPete Seeger2:37
1963-04-11Swing Low, Sweet ChariotRed Allen & Frank Wakefield2:04
1964-02-24Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 1)instrumentalAlbert Ayler4:47
1964-02-24Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (take 3)instrumentalAlbert Ayler4:37
1970-06-07Swing Low Sweet Chariot (live, 1970‐06‐07: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveGrateful Dead5:23
1970-06-07Swing Low Sweet Chariot (live, 1970-06-07: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, USA)cover and liveGrateful Dead5:25
1970-06-24Swing Low Sweet Chariot (live, 1970‐06‐24: Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, USA)cover and liveGrateful Dead & New Riders of the Purple Sage3:19
1970-12-27Swing Low (Sweet Chariot)cover and liveGrateful Dead2:52
1972-02-11Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverBill Anderson & Jan Howard2:30
1973-06-17Swing Low, Sweet ChariotliveBill Monroe3:46
1974-08-29 – 1974-11Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverEric Clapton3:29
1974-08-29 – 1974-11Swing Low Sweet Chariot (original quadrophonic mix)coverEric Clapton3:28
1975-05-17Swing Low Sweet Chariot / I Saw the Lightlive and medleyBill Monroe7:26
1975-07 – 1975-08Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (live, 1975)liveJoan Baez3:53
1977-04-25Swing Low, Sweet Chariotcover and instrumentalArchie Shepp & Horace Parlan2:44
1979-01 – 1979-02Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverRaffi with Ken Whiteley1:50
1979Swing Low, Sweet ChariotJim and Jesse2:39
1982-11-20 – 1982-11-21Swing Low Sweet ChariotRose Maddox with The Vern Williams Band3:03
1983-09Swing Low, Sweet ChariotRhoda Scott2:50
1986-01-07Swing Low, Sweet ChariotChet Baker3:29
1987-10-31Swing Low Sweet ChariotliveJerry Garcia Band4:01
1987-12-03Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (live)cover and liveJerry Garcia Acoustic Band3:29
1997-03-30Swing Low Sweet Chariot (live, 1997-03-30: The Loft of Alain Kirili and Ariane Lopez-Huici)cover, instrumental and liveBilly Bang8:59
1999-08Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverBilly Bang2:27
2017-04-07Swing Low Sweet Chariot (live, 2017-04-07: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA)liveJoan Baez2:37
Acoustic: Swing Low, Sweet Chariotinstrumental[no artist]1:18
Hey Ho, Anybody Home / Swing Low, Sweet ChariotmedleyThe Norman Luboff Choir?:??
Medley: Zip a de Doo Da / Roll Out the Barrel / Tipperary / Puttin’ on the Style / Swing Low Sweet Chariotinstrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band5:47
Oh, Glory & Swing Low, Sweet ChariotcoverNataniël5:31
Sweet ChariotcoverB.B. King2:09
Sweet ChariotcoverB.B. King2:07
Sweet ChariotcoverB.B. King2:09
Sweet Chariot (Remastered 2018)coverB.B. King2:06
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family7:12
Swing LowAll Angels featuring Laura Wright1:27
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family?:??
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family?:??
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family?:??
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family?:??
Swing Lowcover and liveThe Kelly Family?:??
Swing LowUB40 feat. United Colours of Sound3:28
Swing LowcoverUB40 feat. United Colours of Sound3:30
Swing LowThe Shepherds Bush Comets?:??
Swing LowHarry Belafonte4:01
Swing LowHarry Belafonte4:03
Swing LowHarry Belafonte3:59
Swing LowHarry Belafonte4:02
Swing LowHarry Belafonte4:02
Swing Low ’99Russell Watson3:38
Swing Low (live)cover and liveThe Kelly Family3:25
Swing Low Sweet ChariotRhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir, J. Glyn Williams3:02
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverEric Clapton5:46
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverJackie Wilson with Linda Hopkins2:19
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverEric Clapton3:29
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverLadysmith Black Mambazo3:52
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverJackie Wilson with Linda Hopkins2:19
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverCheryl Porter2:42
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (monaural)Dizzy Gillespie & The Johnny Richard's Orchestra2:53
Swing Low Sweet ChariotJoan Baez3:47
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverScreamin’ Jay Hawkins?:??
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverJoni Madden3:29
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverEric Clapton4:27
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (5.1 mix)coverEric Clapton3:23
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverPeggy Lee with the Four of a Kind2:12
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverJack Jezzro & Sam Levine4:20
Swing Low Sweet ChariotcoverMerle Haggard3:37
Swing Low Sweet ChariotB.B. King?:??
Swing Low Sweet Chariot[unknown]2:08
Swing Low Sweet ChariotB.B. King?:??
Swing Low Sweet ChariotEric Clapton3:35
Swing Low Sweet ChariotEric Clapton3:24
Swing Low Sweet ChariotEric Clapton3:28
Swing Low Sweet ChariotV. Reed / C. Roberts d'après trad.4:35
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