lyricist and composer:J.P. Richardson
publisher:Glad Music Co.
Wikipedia:en: Chantilly Lace (song) [info]
referred to in medleys:Good Old Rock ’n Roll (order: 3)
later translated versions:Ma p'tit' chérie
later versions:Au camp du bonheur


1989-06-16 – 1989-06-17Medley: Book of Love / Blue Moon / Do You Wanna Dance / Chantilly Lace / At the Hop / Rock ’n’ Roll Is Here to Staycover, live and medleyCliff Richard, Vernon Girls, Dallas Boys & Kalin Twins6:42
2001-12-08Chantilly Lace (live, 2001-12-08: Edinburgh, Scotland)cover and liveShowaddywaddy1:28
2006-09-29Chantilly Lace (live, 2006-09-29, New York City, New York)cover and liveJerry Lee Lewis2:21
2010Chantilly LacecoverPaul Schremser und Kottan's Kapelle2:16
Chantilly FacecoverRocket From the Crypt2:26
Chantilly LacecoverR. Stevie Moore2:26
Chantilly Lace (live, 1982-06-04: Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)cover and liveThe Rolling Stones4:31
Chantilly Lacecover and liveThe Rolling Stones4:05
Chantilly Lacecover and liveThe Rolling Stones4:55
Chantilly Lacecover and liveThe Rolling Stones4:22
Chantilly LacecoverJerry Lee Lewis2:47
Chantilly LaceThe Big Bopper?:??
Chantilly LaceThe Big Bopper2:23
Chantilly Lace (1989 original London cast)cover and liveJerry Foster, Bill Rice & The Big Bopper3:52
Chantilly LacecoverJerry Lee Lewis2:50
Chantilly LaceThe Big Bopper2:23
Chantilly LacecoverSleepy LaBeef2:08
Chantilly LaceliveJerry Lee Lewis2:35
Chantilly LacecoverRay Stevens?:??
Chantilly LaceThe Big Bopper2:23
Chantilly Lace / Medleycover, live, medley and partialYo La Tengo8:47
Good Old Rock 'n Rollcover, medley and partialCat Mother and the All Night Newsboys3:05
Ich liebe you (Chantilly Lace)coverRentnerband2:10
That’s What I LikepartialJive Bunny & The Mastermixers4:00