orchestrator:Howard Shore
lyricist:Philippa Boyens
Annie Lennox
Howard Shore
J.R.R. Tolkien
Fran Walsh
composer:Annie Lennox
Howard Shore
Fran Walsh
publisher:La Lennoxa Ltd
New Line Tunes
lyrics page: [info]
Wikidata:Q527711 [info]


Days of the Ring (feat. “Into the West”)Howard Shore feat. Annie Lennox11:10
Into the WestHoward Shore; The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra4:39
Into the WestAnnie Lennox5:47
Into the WestcoverStephen Chalk4:30
Into the WestcoverIon Vanescu & Orchestra5:39
Into the WestKaitlyn Lusk4:56
Into the WestcoverGregorian5:21
Into the WestcoverVan Canto4:29
Into The WestHoward Shore4:37
Into The West (From The Lord Of The Rings)coverDavid Arkenstone4:42