lyricist and composer:Joni Mitchell
publisher:Crazy Crow Music
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
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Wikidata:Q2707288 [info]
later translated versions:Molemmin puolin
later versions:Je n’ai rien appris


1966-11-17Both Sides Now (live, 1966-11-17: The Second Fret, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell4:06
1967-03-19Both Sides Now (live, 196x: The Second Fret, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell3:46
1967-10-12Both Sides NowliveJoni Mitchell3:57
1968-01-10Both Sides NowliveJoni Mitchell4:28
1968-01Both Sides Now (live, 1968: Club 47, Cambridge, MA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell4:23
1968-01Both Sides Now (live, 1968-01-10: Club 47, Cambridge, MA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell4:29
1968-08-23Both Sides Now (live, 1968-08-23: Philadelphia Folk Festival, PA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell4:32
1968-11-14From Both Sides, NowcoverFrank Sinatra2:55
1968-12Both Sides NowcoverPercy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus3:14
1969-07-07Both Sides Now (live, 1969-07-07: Mississippi River Festival, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL, USA)liveJoni Mitchell?:??
1969-08Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalDizzy Gillespie3:16
1970Both Sides NowliveJoni Mitchell?:??
1970From Both Sides NowcoverRoger Whittaker?:??
1972-02-23Both Sides Now (live, 1972-02-23: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveJoni Mitchell?:??
1973Both Sides Now (live, 1973: HI, USA)liveJoni Mitchell4:20
1974-08Both Sides Now (live, 1974: CA, USA)liveJoni Mitchell and the L.A. Express4:14
1974-10-07Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalPat Martino2:21
1974-10-07Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalPat Martino2:10
2006 – 2007Both Sides NowcoverHerbie Hancock7:39
2008-09Both Sides NowcoverTina Arena5:15
2011-06Both Sides, NowinstrumentalHåkan Hardenberger, Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Kenneth Sillito5:58
2012-08-05Both Sides Now (live, 2012-08-05: Hamer Hall, Melbourne, Australia)cover and liveTina Arena6:24
2012-11-06Both Sides Now (live, 2012-11-06: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK)cover and liveMelanie C4:17
2012Both Sides NowcoverMelanie C5:01
2014-08-14Both Sides Nowinstrumental and liveFred Hersch8:04
2018-12-04Both Sides NowcoverKetil Bjørnstad3:06
Beguiling Eyescover, instrumental and partialStephen Fearing7:01
Bot Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond?:??
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:13
Both Sides Nowcover and liveRufus Wainwright6:00
Both Sides NowcoverPaul Anka5:23
Both Sides NowcoverDes’Ray?:??
Both Sides Nowcover and liveRoger Whittaker4:03
Both Sides NowcoverRoger Whittaker3:27
Both Sides NowcoverRoger Whittaker3:22
Both Sides NowcoverEuson?:??
Both Sides Nowcover林志美5:01
Both Sides NowcoverJemima Price?:??
Both Sides NowcoverAllison Moorer4:31
Both Sides NowPete Seeger4:22
Both Sides NowPete Seeger?:??
Both Sides NowPete Seeger4:22
Both Sides NowcoverAnita Meyer, Metropole Orkest4:52
Both Sides NowcoverWillie Nelson3:03
Both Sides NowcoverIrene Ryder?:??
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond3:55
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond3:32
Both Sides NowJeanette Lindström & Steve Dobrogosz5:21
Both Sides NowcoverThe Singers Unlimited3:07
Both Sides NowLouis Van Dyke / Rogier van Otterloo4:55
Both Sides NowcoverJim Nabors3:58
Both Sides NowcoverNatalie Cole4:54
Both Sides NowcoverOut of the Blue5:13
Both Sides NowcoverHugh Masekela2:16
Both Sides NowcoverHarpers Bizarre2:44
Both Sides NowinstrumentalAdrian Kerr3:24
Both Sides NowcoverIan Shaw5:20
Both Sides NowcoverDrew Holcomb?:??
Both Sides NowcoverLeonard Nimoy2:55
Both Sides NowcoverDolly Parton3:33
Both Sides Nowcover and liveTutu Puoane6:09
Both Sides NowcoverLaurie Antonioli5:18
Both Sides NowcoverJordane5:00
Both Sides NowcoverEuson3:52
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:16
Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalPat Martino3:54
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond?:??
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond3:33
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond3:31
Both Sides NowliveJudy Collins3:20
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:08
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:15
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:14
Both Sides NowJudy Collins?:??
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:10
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:13
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:28
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:29
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:18
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:14
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:18
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:32
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:23
Both Sides NowJudy Collins3:18
Both Sides NowcoverUnni Wilhelmsen5:46
Both Sides NowcoverTierney Sutton5:11
Both Sides Now (original studio master)Frank Sinatra2:56
Both Sides Nowcover藤田恵美4:33
Both Sides NowcoverParasites3:02
Both Sides NowcoverRobert Goulet3:11
Both Sides NowcoverPaul Anka5:24
Both Sides NowcoverJulie Felix3:29
Both Sides Nowcover and liveNeil Diamond4:12
Both Sides NowcoverNeil Diamond3:31
Both Sides NowcoverGregorian6:12
Both Sides NowcoverFriend ’n Fellow4:58
Both Sides Now (live: Johnny Cash Show)liveJoni Mitchell5:13
Both Sides NowcoverAnn Sally4:06
Both Sides NowAdam Harvey feat. The McClymonts3:56
Both Sides NowcoverDavey Graham6:00
Both Sides NowcoverDavey Graham6:05
Both Sides Now (Both Sides Now version)Joni Mitchell5:46
Both Sides NowinstrumentalMantovani & His Orchestra?:??
Both Sides NowcoverAnne Murray3:16
Both Sides Now (live)cover and liveRoger Whittaker3:59
Both Sides NowcoverAndy Williams3:44
Both Sides NowcoverAndy Williams3:43
Both Sides NowcoverClannad & Paul Young5:08
Both Sides NowcoverClannad & Paul Young4:37
Both Sides NowcoverClannad4:46
Both Sides NowcoverRachael Yamagata5:48
Both Sides NowcoverAnne Murray1:48
Both Sides NowcoverVocal Line5:25
Both Sides NowcoverClaudine Longet3:56
Both Sides NowcoverPaul Winter Consort3:13
Both Sides NowcoverDee Felice Trio4:17
Both Sides NowcoverJimmie Rodgers3:04
Both Sides NowJoni Mitchell5:47
Both Sides NowJoni Mitchell6:12
Both Sides Now (live: Folklore TV)liveJoni Mitchell with Pete Seeger6:22
Both Sides NowcoverSusan Boyle3:31
Both Sides NowcoverMiriaM. & Band7:19
Both Sides NowcoverCarly Rae Jepsen3:52
Both Sides NowcoverTreasure3:47
Both Sides NowcoverBo Stief, Bobo Moreno & Ole Kock Hansen5:06
Both Sides NowcoverTom Grant3:50
Both Sides NowcoverMichael Ball4:31
Both Sides NowcoverJason Falkner3:13
Both Sides NowcoverMichael Feinstein5:14
Both Sides NowcoverGlen Campbell3:46
Both Sides Now (4.0 mix)Judy Collins3:13
Both Sides Now (feat. Clannad)coverPaul Young5:09
Both Sides Now (feat. Clannad)Paul Young5:09
Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell cover)coverAlva Leigh feat. Natalie Prass4:43
Both Sides Now (Orchestral Version 2000)Joni Mitchell5:47
Both Sides Now (The Voice Performance)cover and liveAddison Agen3:37
Both Sides, Nowcoverb-flower3:54
Both Sides, NowcoverDenny Brooks5:25
Both Sides, NowcoverFrank Sinatra2:56
Both Sides, NowcoverGlen Campbell3:44
Both Sides, NowcoverUncle Seth?:??
Both Sides, Now (Clouds version)Joni Mitchell4:35
From Both Sides NowALLISON3:25
From Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalChet Atkins2:33
From Both Sides Nowcover and instrumentalRachel Z Trio5:10
From Both Sides NowcoverIan McShane3:41
From Both Sides NowcoverRoger Whittaker3:25