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lyricist and composer:Bobby Bare (in 1958)
Wikidata:Q16002544 [info]
later versions:All American Boy (Bob Dylan version)


1958All American Boy (alt. take)Bobby Bare3:03
1958All American BoyBobby Bare?:??
1958All American Boy (1958)Bobby Bare2:59
All American BoyliveBobby Bare?:??
All American BoyBobby Bare2:53
All American BoyBobby Bare3:08
All American Boy (re-recording)Bobby Bare3:09
All American BoyBobby Bare3:04
All American BoyBobby Bare?:??
All American Boy (alt take)Bobby Bare?:??
The All American BoyBill Parsons?:??
The All American BoyBobby Bare2:49
The All American BoyBobby Bare / B. Bumble & the Stingers2:51
The All American BoyBobby Bare2:57