writer:Lewis Carroll (English writer)
part of:[Alice in Wonderland] (Lewis Carroll books) (order: 1)
Wikidata:Q92640 [info]
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later translated versions:Alice im Wunderland (Christian Enzensberger translation)
Alice im Wunderland (Barbara Teutsch translation)
Alice im Wunderland (Sonja Hartl translation)
Liisa Ihmemaassa (Finnish translation by Tuomas Nevanlinna)
later versions:Alice in Wonderland (Wonderland/Riverside records production)
parts:The Mock Turtle’s Song
You Are Old, Father William
is the basis for:Alice’s Adventures Under Ground
White Rabbit


'What a Curious Feeling,' Said AlicepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:48
A Large Rose Tree Stood Near the Entrance of the GardenpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:09
After a Minute or Two, They Began Moving About AgainpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett5:02
Alice Had Not Gone Much Further Before She Came in Sight of...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:23
Alice Thought She Had Never Seen Such a Curious Croquet GroundpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:15
Alice Was Beginning to Get Very Tired Of...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:59
As She Said These Words, Her Feet SlippedpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:01
As She Said This, She Came Upon a Neat Little HousepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:35
Chapter 1: “Down the Rabbit‐Hole”partialLewis Carroll read by Kristen McQuillin10:41
Chapter 2: “The Pool of Tears”partialLewis Carroll read by Brad Bush12:16
Chapter 3: “A Caucus‐Race and a Long Tale”partialLewis Carroll read by Roger W. Barnett17:44
Chapter 4: “The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill”partialLewis Carroll read by Miette19:53
Chapter 5: “Advice From a Caterpillar”partialLewis Carroll read by Mark Bradford13:29
Chapter 6: “Pig and Pepper”partialLewis Carroll read by Raza Shah12:56
Chapter 7: “A Mad Tea‐Party”partialLewis Carroll read by Kara Shallenberg17:26
Chapter 8: “The Queen’s Croquet‐Ground”partialLewis Carroll read by Kristen McQuillin13:19
Chapter 9: “The Mock Turtle’s Story”partialLewis Carroll read by MarinaMechanical15:08
Chapter 10: “The Lobster Quadrille”partialLewis Carroll read by Roger W. Barnett22:48
Chapter 11: “Who Stole the Tarts?”partialLewis Carroll read by R. Francis Smith10:20
Chapter 12: “Alice’s Evidence”partialLewis Carroll read by Chris Goringe12:53
For a Minute or Two Alice Stood Looking at the HousepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:35
I Vote the Young Lady Tell Us a Story!partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:01
It Was a Queer-Shaped Little CreaturepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett2:17
Just at This Moment, Alice Felt a Very Curious SensationpartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:57
The King and Queen of Hearts Were Sitting on Their ThronepartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett3:24
Then He Called Out, 'Silence!'partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:19
They Very Soon Came Upon a Gryphon, Lying Fast Asleep...partialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:38
They Were Indeed a Queer-Looking PartypartialLewis Carroll read by Alan Bennett4:10