composer: Jeff Wayne (musician)
is based on: The War of the Worlds: Book 2, Chapter 8: Dead London
later translated versions: Londres desolado
part of: Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of “The War of the Worlds”


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
2006-04-25 Dead London, Part 1 live and partial Jeff Wayne 5:28
2006-04-25 Dead London, Part 2 live and partial Jeff Wayne 3:26
Dead London Jeff Wayne 8:37
Dead London Jeff Wayne 8:33
Dead London cover and instrumental The Big Movie Orchestra 7:26
Dead London Jeff Wayne 5:10
Dead London Jeff Wayne 5:34
Dead London (5.1 mix) Jeff Wayne 8:35
Dead London (Apollo Four Forty remix) Jeff Wayne 4:50
Dead London (early band run-through) Jeff Wayne 6:32
Dead London (early version, featuring original piano demo) Jeff Wayne 3:53
Dead London (instrumental) (Apollo Four Forty mix) Jeff Wayne 5:07
Dead London (Mister JoyBoy remix) Jeff Wayne 5:04
Dead London, Part 1 partial Jeff Wayne 5:26
Dead London, Part 2 partial Jeff Wayne 3:47