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  • First copyright date: 1965-09-30
  • Copyright renewed in 1993
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (from 1965-06 until 1965-07)
publisher:Warner/Chappell (from 1965 until 1993)
Special Rider Music (from 1993 to present)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q2321290 [info]
later translated versions:Dom ensligas allé
Via della Povertà
is the basis for:Champaign, Illinois


1965-07-29Desolation Row (alternate take, 7/29/65)Bob Dylan11:44
1965-07-29Desolation Row (alternate take)Bob Dylan11:45
1965-07-30Desolation Row (studio: 1965-07-30)Bob Dylan?:??
1965-08-02Desolation Row (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan11:18
1965-08-02Desolation Row (take 3 remake, 8/02/1965, breakdown)Bob Dylan1:56
1965-08-02Desolation Row (take 4 remake, 8/02/1965, false start)partialBob Dylan0:18
1965-08-02Desolation Row (take 5 remake, 8/02/1965, complete)Bob Dylan10:52
1965-08-02Desolation Row (takes 1–2 remake, 8/02/1965, false start/breakdown)Bob Dylan0:42
1965-08-04Desolation Row (officially released stereo studio recording)Bob Dylan11:20
1965-08-04Desolation Row (take 1, 8/04/1965, complete with insert)Bob Dylan11:16
1965-08-04Desolation Row (take 1, 8/04/1965, rehearsal)Bob Dylan1:12
1965-08-04Desolation Row (take 2, 8/04/1965, rehearsal)Bob Dylan2:01
1965-08-04Desolation Row (take 6, 8/04/1965, guitar overdub)Bob Dylan11:18
1965-08-04Desolation Row (take 7, 8/04/1965, guitar overdubBob Dylan0:12
1965-08-28Desolation Row (live at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, New York - August 28, 1965)liveBob Dylan9:34
1965-09-03Desolation Row (live, 1965‐09‐03: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-09-03Desolation Row (live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California - September 3, 1965)liveBob Dylan9:40
1965-10-30Desolation Row (Incomplete) (live at Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford, CT - October 30, 1965)live and partialBob Dylan0:19
1966-02-05Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:51
1966-02-06Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan2:54
1966-02-26Desolation RowliveBob Dylan9:53
1966-04-13Desolation Row (live, 1966-04-13: Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan10:37
1966-04-19Desolation RowliveBob Dylan9:27
1966-04-20Desolation RowliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-04-20Desolation RowliveBob Dylan12:10
1966-04-29Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan4:30
1966-05-05Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:34
1966-05-06Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:17
1966-05-10Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:08
1966-05-12Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan10:05
1966-05-14Desolation RowliveBob Dylan11:02
1966-05-15Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:59
1966-05-16Desolation RowliveBob Dylan11:32
1966-05-17Desolation RowliveBob Dylan11:32
1966-05-19Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan10:13
1966-05-20Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan8:52
1966-05-21Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan10:12
1966-05-24Desolation Row (incomplete)live and partialBob Dylan8:03
1966-05-26Desolation Row (live, 1966-05-26: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveBob Dylan12:05
1966-05-27Desolation RowliveBob Dylan13:23
1986-04-21Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1986-05-10Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1986-12-31Desolation Row (live, 1986-12-31: Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, KFOG-FM San Francisco Broadcast, Oakland, CA, USA)liveGrateful Dead11:19
1987-03-26Desolation Row >cover and liveGrateful Dead8:55
1987-08-15Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1987-09-20Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead10:46
1987-10-04Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1988-02-17Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1988-09-15Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1989-04-09Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1989-09-05Desolation Rowcover and liveBob Weir & Rob Wasserman9:29
1990-03-24Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead9:55
1990-03-24Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1990-07-06Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1990-07-19Desolation Row (live, 1990‐07‐19: Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN, USA)cover and liveGrateful Dead12:17
1991-03-24Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-05-10Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-08-16Desolation RowliveGrateful Dead11:22
1991-08-16Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-09-14Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1991-09-24Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1992-03-08Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1993-04-01Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1994-07-02Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead10:04
1994-10-10Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1994-11-17 – 1994-11-18Desolation RowliveBob Dylan8:23
1994-11-17 – 1994-11-18Desolation RowliveBob Dylan8:18
1995-07-02Desolation Rowcover and liveGrateful Dead?:??
1996-05-25Desolation RowliveRobyn Hitchcock10:05
1999-07-30Desolation Row (1999-07-30: Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan8:55
2000-07-21Desolation Row (2000-07-21: Meadows Music Theater, Hartford, CT, USA)liveBob Dylan8:41
2001-11-03Desolation Row (2001-11-03: Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN, USA)liveBob Dylan8:26
2003-10-12Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:14
2006-10-11Desolation Row (2006-10-11: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-05-23Desolation Row (2008-05-23: Mile One Centre, St. John's, NL, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-11-12Desolation Row (2008-11-12: General Motors Centre, Oshawa, ON, Canada (source 1))liveBob Dylan?:??
2008-11-12Desolation Row (2008-11-12: General Motors Centre, Oshawa, ON, Canada (source 2))liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-04-12Desolation Row (2009-04-12: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan10:02
2011-10-25Desolation Row (2011-10-25: SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany)liveBob Dylan?:??
2011-11-04Desolation Row (2011-11-04: Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden)liveBob Dylan10:38
2011-11-14Desolation Row (2011-11-14: Mediolanum Forum, Assago Milano, Italy (km140 source))liveBob Dylan?:??
2011-11-14Desolation Row (2011-11-14: Mediolanum Forum, Assago Milano, Italy (Edirol R09-HR source))liveBob Dylan?:??
2012-07-18Desolation RowliveBob Dylan10:09
2018-09-29Desolation Row (live, 2018-09-29: Cottonwood, Houston, TX, USA)liveDeadEye11:13
Desolation Row (2008-06-09: CEZ Arena, Ostrava, Czech Republic)liveBob Dylan?:??
Desolation RowBob Dylan11:18
Desolation RowcoverArlen Roth3:47
Desolation RowBob Dylan11:23
Desolation RowBob Dylan?:??
Desolation RowBob Dylan?:??
Desolation RowBob Dylan11:52
Desolation RowliveBob Dylan9:23
Desolation RowliveBob Dylan8:29
Desolation RowliveBob Dylan9:19
Desolation RowliveBob Dylan8:41
Desolation RowBob Dylan?:??
Desolation RowliveBob Dylan?:??
Desolation Row (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Desolation Row (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Desolation Row (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
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