lyricist and composer:Chuck Berry
publisher:Arc Music (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
Jewel Music Publishing Co. Ltd. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Salee Music Company
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Wikidata:Q2080355 [info]
later versions:Come Back, Maybellene


1955-05-21MaybelleneChuck Berry2:21
1955-05-21Maybelline (Deja Vu audience dubbed)Chuck Berry2:21
1955-05-21 – ????Maybelline (Chess studio recording with crowd noise)liveChuck Berry2:25
1955-08-09Maybelline (mono)coverMarty Robbins2:31
1955-08-20Maybellenecover and liveElvis Presley2:02
1955-08-20MaybellenecoverElvis Presley1:58
1955-08-20Maybellenecover and liveElvis Presley1:57
1955-08-20Maybellene (Aug. 20, 1955)cover and liveElvis Presley3:09
1955-08-20Maybellene (August 20, 1955, the Louisiana Hayride, Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport)cover and liveElvis Presley2:08
1955-08-20 – ????Maybellene (2002 restoration)cover and liveElvis Presley2:00
1955-08Maybellene (live)cover and liveElvis Presley1:58
1955Maybellene (live, 1955: Show 'Louisiana Hayride' on KWKH in Shreveport , LA, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:28
1956-05 – 1956-06Maybeline (sic) (Camel Rock ’n’ Roll dance Party May/June 1956)liveChuck Berry2:08
1956-08-28Maybeline (live, 1956-8-28: CBS Studio Building, New York, NY, USA)liveChuck Berry?:??
1956Maybellene (live)liveChuck Berry2:07
1963-10-25Maybelline (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit, October 25, 1963, first set)liveChuck Berry3:06
1963-10-25 – 1963-10-26Maybellene (live)liveChuck Berry3:11
1963-10-26Maybelline (Walled Lake Casino, Detroit, October 26, 1963, second set)liveChuck Berry3:09
1966-09-21MaybellineChuck Berry2:36
1969-01-24Medley: Get Back / Little Demon / Maybellene 24.91cover and medleyThe Beatles2:38
1969-09-13MaybelleneliveChuck Berry3:24
1969-09-13MaybelleneliveChuck Berry3:20
1969-09-13MaybellineliveChuck Berry3:11
1969-09-13Maybelline (Toronto Rock ’n’ Roll Revival, September 13, 1969)liveChuck Berry3:26
1981-09-19Kodachrome / Maybellene (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveSimon & Garfunkel5:50
1981-09-19Kodachrome / Maybellene (live, 1981-09-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA)cover, live and medleySimon & Garfunkel5:13
1986-10-17MaybelleneliveChuck Berry2:37
1989-05-09Roll Over Beethoven / Maybelline / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going Oncover, live and medleyCarl Perkins with Eric Clapton?:??
1998-12MaybelleneDavid Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger2:41
2004-04-15Maybellene (live, 2004-04-15: Maximilianeum, Munich, Germany)cover and liveSpider Murphy Gang?:??
2005-04-09Maybellene (live, 2005-04-09: La Riviera, Madrid, Spain)liveChuck Berry2:51
2013-08-25Love You Till Friday / Maybellene (live, 2013-08-25: Fort York, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover, live and medleyThe Replacements4:35
2013-08-25Love You Till Friday / Maybellene (live, 2013-08-25: Fort York, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover, live and medleyThe Replacements4:34
2013-08-25Love You Till Friday / Maybellene (live, 2013-08-25: Fort York, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover, live and medleyThe Replacements4:44
Johnny B. Goode / Maybelline (live)live, medley and partialChuck Berry?:??
MabellenecoverGeorge Jones and Johnny Paycheck?:??
MabelleneChuck Berry2:21
MabellenecoverHans Theessink2:55
MabellenecoverConway Twitty?:??
MabellenecoverJohnny Rivers2:12
MabelleneChuck Berry?:??
MabelleneChuck Berry2:21
MabellenecoverGeorge Jones and Johnny Paycheck2:18
MabellenecoverGeorge Jones?:??
MabellineChuck Berry2:20
MabellinecoverJohnny Rivers2:15
MabellineChuck Berry2:37
MabellineChuck Berry2:19
MabellineChuck Berry2:37
MaybelieneChuck Berry2:17
Maybelin (live)cover and liveElvis Presley1:59
MaybelineChuck Berry2:21
MaybelineChuck Berry2:21
MaybelinecoverElvis Presley4:20
MaybelinecoverElvis Presley?:??
MaybelinecoverSocial Distortion2:18
MaybelinecoverJohnny Rivers1:57
MaybelinecoverJohnny Rivers2:17
MaybelineChuck Berry2:20
MaybelinecoverElvis Presley3:12
Maybeline (live)liveChuck Berry2:19
Maybeline (live)liveChuck Berry?:??
Maybeline (live)liveChuck Berry2:21
MaybellenecoverCarl Perkins2:51
MaybellenecoverCarl Perkins2:52
MaybelleneChuck Berry?:??
MaybellenecoverCarl Perkins2:15
MaybellenecoverElvis Presley2:33
MaybelleneChuck Berry?:??
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:20
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:22
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:23
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:33
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:26
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:22
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:34
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:02
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:22
MaybelleneChuck Berry3:27
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:17
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:19
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:26
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:20
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:22
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:21
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:19
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:18
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:21
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:20
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:22
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:20
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:16
MaybelleneChuck Berry?:??
MaybelleneChuck Berry?:??
MaybellenecoverElvis Presley2:26
MaybelleneliveChuck Berry3:08
MaybellenecoverElvis Presley?:??
MaybelleneChuck Berry3:16
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:21
MaybelleneChuck Berry2:18
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