writer:Łukasz Gottwald
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Kiyanu Kim
Maureen “Mozella” McDonald (pop singer/songwriter, active from the mid–2000s)
Stephan Moccio
Sacha Skarbek
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referred to in medleys:NOW That’s What I Call Polka! (order: 2)
later translated versions:Bai Bai


2013-12-12Wrecking Ball (live)cover and liveLondon Grammar3:44
2014-02-02Wrecking BallcoverThe Bent Folk4:50
2014Wrecking BallcoverLéa Deleau & Louis Delort3:34
Kennedy Center PerformancemedleyThe Barden Bellas2:26
Miley Cyrus Medleycover and medleyThe Bristol Suspensions4:23
Pizza Piecover and partialThe Pizza Collection0:32
Wrecking BallcoverCaitlin Hart3:25
Wrecking BallcoverSavannah Outen3:30
Wrecking BallcoverDustin Kensrue3:43
Wrecking Ballcover and instrumentalSarah Blackwood, Jenni Pleau & Emily Bones3:38
Wrecking BallcoverJasmine Thompson3:59
Wrecking BallcoverMadilyn Bailey3:30
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:42
Wrecking Ball (live, 2017: Saint Vitus Bar, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveMutoid Man + Royal Thunder?:??
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:41
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:44
Wrecking BallcoverJack Taplin & Atlanta Palmer3:16
Wrecking BallcoverDeath in Rome3:42
Wrecking BallcoverSabrina3:39
Wrecking Ballcover and instrumentalMidnite String Quartet3:53
Wrecking BallcoverBoysetsfire3:42
Wrecking BallcoverScars on 454:11
Wrecking BallcoverAugust Burns Red4:13
Wrecking BallcoverPelleK3:40
Wrecking BallcoverVoice Male2:49
Wrecking BallcoverAlexi Blue3:34
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:44
Wrecking Ballcover and instrumentalDavid Garrett3:45
Wrecking Ball (live; 2017-10-04: Howard Stern show, New York, NY)liveMiley Cyrus1:03
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:41
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:40
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:43
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus?:??
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:43
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:42
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:44
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:44
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:43
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus3:42
Wrecking Ball (live; SiriusXM Studios)cover and liveMilky Chance3:13
Wrecking BallcoverProfessor Shyguy3:07
Wrecking BallcoverTion Phipps2:43
Wrecking BallcoverEli Lieb4:07
Wrecking Ballcover and instrumentalEly Jaffe2:04
Wrecking BallcoverKarizma Duo3:30
Wrecking Ball (live, 2014-06: Spain/Portugal)liveMiley Cyrus4:30
Wrecking BallcoverLeo Moracchioli4:10
Wrecking BallcoverOst+Front3:35
Wrecking BallcoverThe Animal in Me?:??
Wrecking Ball (cover)cover and instrumentalDamian Zantedeschi3:49
Wrecking Ball (Director's Cut)Miley Cyrus?:??
Wrecking Ball (instrumental)instrumentalMiley Cyrus3:43
Wrecking Ball (Kike Amyach Latin Remix)Miley Cyrus?:??
Wrecking Ball (live acoustic version)cover and liveAlex G3:30
Wrecking Ball (Rock)coverOur Last Night3:38
Wrecking Ball (single edit)Miley Cyrus3:40
Wrecking Ball (The Voice Performance)cover and liveMatthew Schuler3:28
Wrecking Ball (The Voice Performance)liveBrooke Simpson & Miley Cyrus3:24
Wrecking Ball (The Voice Performance)cover and liveChristina Grimmie3:25
Wrecking Ball (Workout Mix by Fringe)Miley Cyrus4:08