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lyricist and composer:George Harrison (The Beatles)
publisher:Harrisongs Ltd.
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1968-05Piggies (Esher session)The Beatles2:01
1968-05Piggies (Esher demo)The Beatles2:06
1968-09-19 – 1968-09-20Piggies (take 12 / instrumental backing track)instrumentalThe Beatles2:10
1968-09-19 – 1968-10-10Piggies (2018 stereo mix)The Beatles2:04
1968-09-19 – 1968-10-10Piggies (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:03
1968-09-19 – 1968-10-10Piggies (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:04
1968-09-19 – 1968-10-10Piggies (5.1 mix)The Beatles2:04
1991-12Piggies (live, 1991-12: Osaka and Tokyo, Japan)liveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band2:56
1991-12Piggies (5.1 mix) (live, 1991-12: Osaka and Tokyo, Japan)liveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band2:56
1994-10-31Piggiescover and livePhish1:59
Introduction / PiggiescoverGeorge / R.A.M. Pietsch2:43
Piggies (live, 1992-04-06: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)George Harrison3:04
PiggiescoverMorgan James2:07
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
Piggiescover and instrumentalNonato Luiz3:31
PiggiescoverCaspar Babypants1:36
Piggiescover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal1:59
PiggiescoverGreg Hawkes2:06
PiggiescoverMagical Mystery Band2:04
Piggies (live, 1991-12-05: The International Exhibition Center, Nagoya, Japan)George Harrison?:??
PiggiesGeorge Harrison?:??
Piggies (live, 1992: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveGeorge Harrison?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles2:12
PiggiesThe Beatles2:03
PiggiesThe Beatles2:04
PiggiesThe Beatles2:03
PiggiesThe Beatles0:15
PiggiesliveThe Beatles2:06
PiggiesliveThe Beatles2:06
PiggiesThe Beatles2:08
PiggiesThe Beatles2:05
PiggiesThe Beatles2:06
PiggiescoverHarry Sacksioni2:37
PiggiescoverTheodore Bikel3:05
PiggiesThe Beatles2:03
Piggies (live, 1991-12-17: Tokyo, Japan)liveEric Clapton & George Harrison?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles2:01
PiggiescoverImmigrant's Daughter2:21
PiggiesThe Beatles2:06
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles2:06
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles?:??
PiggiesThe Beatles2:07
PiggiesThe Beatles2:18
PiggiesThe Beatles2:04
PiggiesThe Beatles2:03
Piggies (alternate mix)The Beatles2:07
Piggies (Anthology mix)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (demo)George Harrison?:??
Piggies (demo) (Alt mix)The Beatles2:07
Piggies (Esher demo)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (Esher demo)The Beatles2:07
Piggies (Esher demo)The Beatles2:06
Piggies (Esher demo)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (mono)The Beatles2:03
Piggies (RM4 take 12)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (RS3 Take 12)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (take 12, RM4)The Beatles?:??
Piggies (take unknown - Partial)partialThe Beatles?:??
Piggies (Unused Overdub - Partial)partialThe Beatles?:??
Theme From »Piggies«coverR.A.M. Pietsch2:21