composer:Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist)
lyricist:Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocalist)
lyrics page: [info]
later translated parody versions:Mongomix


1990-06 – 1990-09Bring Your Daughter… to the SlaughterIron Maiden4:45
1992-06-05Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter (live, 1992-06-05: The Ishallen, Helsinki, Finland)liveIron Maiden5:31
1992-08-22Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter (live, 1992-08-22: Castle Donington, UK)liveIron Maiden6:12
1992-08-27Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter (live, 1992-08-27: Helsinki Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland)liveIron Maiden5:18
2002-07-14Bring Your Daughter... To the Slaughter (live, 2002-07-14: Tuska Open Air Metal Festival: Helsinki, Finland)liveBruce Dickinson?:??
Bring Your DaughtercoverSandman?:??
Bring Your Daughter... the Slaughter (original soundtrack version)Bruce Dickinson5:01
Bring Your Daughter... to the SlaughtercoverRealm4:09
Bring Your Daughter… to the SlaughtercoverDoogie White4:45