Discord (Eurobeat Brony song)

~ Song


lyricist and composer:T.Stebbins
referred to in medleys:Brony Metal Medley (order: 3)
later versions:Discord (Euro Touhou Mix)
music quoted in:Made Up Your Mind


Disco(rd)Freewave Befriends Eurobeat Brony5:38
DiscordChriscolaRemix fixes Eurobeat Brony?:??
DiscordEurobeat Brony?:??
Discord - The Living Tombstone RemixcoverCaleb Hyles2:18
Discord (33Infinity remix)Eurobeat Brony4:43
Discord (Aviators remix)coverEurobeat Brony3:45
Discord (Aviators remix) (instrumental version)Eurobeat Brony3:46
Discord (DJ SPEEEEDPEK LOLICORE REMIX)Eurobeat Brony & The Living Tombstone2:51
Discord (Eurobeat Brony cover)coverInoperable Mass & Genreal Mymbloe4:27
Discord (Eurochaos Acapella)Eurobeat Brony4:27
Discord (Eurochaos Instrumental)karaokeEurobeat Brony4:27
Discord (EuroChaos Mix)Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey4:26
Discord (instrumental)Eurobeat Brony4:26
Discord (instrumental)cover and instrumentalThe Living Tombstone feat. Eurobeat Brony3:14
Discord (Luna Mode)Supersaw Hoover bucks up Eurobeat Brony6:49
Discord (Orange Beatz remix)Eurobeat Brony4:15
Discord (Sonic Breakbeat Remix)Eurobeat Brony3:41
Discord (Stablefree & Replacer Jazz Cover)cover and instrumentalStablefree6:38
Discord (The Living Tombstone’s remix)coverEurobeat Brony3:13
Discord (ΛUTOMATIC JΛCK Remix)Automatic Jack fixes Eurobeat Brony?:??
Discord 2015Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey4:58
Discord 2015Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey4:57
Discord 2015 (instrumental)Eurobeat Brony4:57
Discord 2019 (Acapella - With Effects]Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey5:47
Discord 2019 (To the Point mix instrumental)Eurobeat Brony4:59
Discord 2019 (To the Point mix)Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey4:59
Discord 2019 [Acapella - No Effects]Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey5:46
Discord 2019 [Extended]Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey5:53
Discord 2019 [Instrumental]Eurobeat Brony feat. Odyssey5:53
Odyssey Eurobeat - Discord (Lavender Harmony Remix)Odyssey5:05