composer:植松伸夫 (video game, film & anime composer known for Final Fantasy)
version of:Melodies of Life (The Layers of Harmony)


2000-10-28 – 2000-11-11Melodies Of Life植松伸夫6:06
Final Fantasy 9 – Melodies of Life (Piano)coverUniversity of Maryland's Gamer Symphony Orchestra3:44
Melodies of LifecoverDelldongo3:25
Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy Guitar Solo)medley関口祐二3:09
Melodies of Lifecover南澤大介5:30
Melodies of LifecoverDagmar Krug3:22
Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX, Piano Collections)植松伸夫3:33
Melodies Of Lifecover小林潔3:11
Melodies Of Lifecover and instrumentalNobuyuki Hirakura5:17
Melodies of Life (FFIX) (Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Concert)live植松伸夫6:41
Melodies of Life (instrumental)instrumental植松伸夫5:49
第12楽章 瞳に輝くメロディーを Melodies of Lifecover and medley春風の並木道?:??