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  • First copyright date: 1975-09-15
  • Copyright renewed in 2003
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additional lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1975)
lyricist:Jacques Levy (in 1975)
publisher:Ram’s Horn Music (from 1975 to present)
later translated versions:Avventura a Durango
Romance no Deserto


1975-11-26Romance in Durango (live, 1975-11-26: The Civic Center, Augusta, ME, USA)liveBob Dylan & GUAM?:??
Romance in Durango (live, 1975-12: The Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveBob Dylan4:40
Romance in Durango (live, 1975-11: Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:22
Romance in Durango (live, 1975-11-11: The Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, USA)liveBob Dylan5:35
Romance in Durango (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Romance in DurangoBob Dylan4:44
Romance in DurangoBob Dylan5:44
Romance in DurangoBob Dylan5:45
Romance in DurangoliveBob Dylan5:33
Romance in Durango (live)liveBob Dylan4:45
Romance in DurangoliveBob Dylan?:??
Romance in Durango (original studio mix)Bob Dylan5:44
Romance in DurangoliveBob Dylan?:??
Romance in DurangoliveBob Dylan5:38
Romance in DurangoliveBob Dylan4:43
Romance in Durango (live)liveBob Dylan?:??
Romance in Durango (Quadrophonic mix)Bob Dylan5:50
Romance in Durango (song cuts in or out, missing the beginning or end) (studio: 1976-01-23: "The Night of the Hurricane 2" studio instrument rental, LA, CA, USA)partialBob Dylan?:??