lyricist and composer:Billy Joel
publisher:Impulsive Music
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1993-09River of Dreams (live, 1993-09: Boston, MA, USA)liveBilly Joel?:??
1993-10River of Dreams (live, 1993-10: New York, NY, USA)liveBilly Joel?:??
1993The River of Dreams (alternate version)Billy Joel5:48
1994-06-18The River of DreamsliveBilly Joel5:18
1996-09-25Music Sourcelive and partialBilly Joel9:14
1998-03-31The River of DreamsliveBilly Joel5:20
1998-03River of Dreams (live, 1998-03: Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan)liveElton John & Billy Joel5:03
1998-06-02River of Dreams (live, 1998-06-02: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland)liveBilly Joel?:??
2003-03-14River of Dreams (live, 2003-03-14: Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, SC, USA)liveElton John & Billy Joel?:??
Medley: The River of Dreams / She’s Always a Woman / Uptown Girlcover and medleyUniversity of Rochester Yellowjackets3:09
River of Dreamscover and instrumentalThe Songrise Orchestra3:56
River of DreamscoverThe Piano Men3:59
River of DreamscoverLadysmith Black Mambazo5:31
River of DreamscoverBo Katzman Chor4:14
River of Dreams (live, 1999-12-31: Madison Square Garden, Manhatten, NY, USA)liveBilly Joel5:55
River of DreamscoverJackie Evancho4:24
River of Dreams (live)Billy Joel5:31
River of Dreams (live)liveElton John & Billy Joel5:58
River of Dreams+IntroductionsliveElton John & Billy Joel10:26
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:07
The River of DreamscoverJerry Lawson & Talk of the Town3:22
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:03
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:08
The River of Dreams (live)liveElton John & Billy Joel5:20
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:04
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:02
The River of Dreams (live, 2006: Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NY, USA)liveBilly Joel5:21
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:10
The River of DreamsliveBilly Joel3:40
The River of DreamsBilly Joel4:08
The River of DreamsBilly Joel3:38
The River of DreamsBilly Joel5:12
The River of DreamsBilly Joel3:58
The River of Dreamscover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:31
The River of Dreams (album version)Billy Joel4:08
The River of Dreams (live)liveBilly Joel5:24
The River of Dreams (Percapella mix)Billy Joel5:12
The River of Dreams (unreleased original studio recording)Billy Joel5:21
The River of Dreams / A Hard Day's Night (live)live and medleyBilly Joel7:44
The River of Dreams/A Hard Day's Night (live)live and medleyBilly Joel7:21