Lullaby of Broadway (from “Gold Diggers of 1935”)

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lyricist:Al Dubin
composer:Harry Warren (US composer and lyricist) (in 1935)
publisher:M. Witmark & Sons
Warner Bros., Inc. (Warner Bros. Music Division)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
part of:Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 8) (order: 2)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q1184771 [info]
later parody versions:Bombay Wet Dreams (Lullaby of Broadway / Hooray for Hollywood)
part of:42nd Street (full musical) (number)


1935Lullaby of BroadwayThe Dorsey Brothers with Bob Crosby2:45
1935Lullaby of BroadwayThe Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Bob Crosby2:48
1944-08-24Lullaby of BroadwayThe Andrews Sisters2:44
1944Lullaby of BroadwayThe Andrews Sisters2:47
1944Lullaby of BroadwayJohnny Mercer, Jo Stafford, The Pied Pipers2:37
1951Lullaby of BroadwayDoris Day2:53
1954-06-14Die Beschwipste Drahtkommode, 3/2 (Tea For Two / Lullaby Of Broadway / Begin The Beguine / My Blue Heaven / Indian Love Call)cover, instrumental and medleyCrazy Otto3:13
1957-10-21Lullaby of BroadwaycoverTony Bennett2:27
1962-08-28Lullaby of Broadway (live, 1962-08-28: White House Seminar American Jazz Concert, National Sylvan Theater, Washington, DC, USA)liveTony Bennett with The Dave Brubeck Trio2:00
1980-11-16Lullaby of Broadway (42nd Street, 1980 original Broadway cast)Jerry Orbach & Full Company5:02
1980-11-16Lullaby of Broadway (1980 original Broadway cast)Harry Warren5:51
1994-08-03 – 1994-08-04Lullaby of BroadwaycoverRandy Sandke6:32
42nd Street / Lullaby of Broadwaycover and medleyDavid Essex3:13
42nd Street Medley: We’re in the Money / About a Quarter to Nine / You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me / Lullaby of BroadwaymedleyLaurel Ford, Marc Joseph, Julie Paton, Malcolm Rennie7:17
42nd Street: Lullaby of BroadwayJerry Orbach5:00
Forty-Second Street / Lullaby of Broadwaycover and medleyDavid Essex3:14
Lullaby for BroadwayPaul Jones3:34
Lullaby of BroadwaycoverPasadena Roof Orchestra3:26
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Andrews Sisters2:46
Lullaby of BroadwayBing Crosby feat. Dick Powell?:??
Lullaby of BroadwayBing Crosby2:46
Lullaby of BroadwayBing Crosby & Al Jolson2:04
Lullaby of BroadwayBing Crosby & Dick Powell1:43
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Andrews Sisters2:47
Lullaby of BroadwayDick Powell & Wini Shaw3:08
Lullaby of BroadwayBing Crosby & Dick Powell1:45
Lullaby of BroadwayFrank Sinatra3:11
Lullaby of BroadwayCliff Adams Singers and the Jack Emblow Quartet1:53
Lullaby of BroadwayDoris Day2:56
Lullaby of BroadwayPeggy Lee with the Four of a Kind2:47
Lullaby of BroadwayTony Bennett3:09
Lullaby of Broadway (2001 Broadway cast)Harry Warren5:53
Lullaby of BroadwayJerry Orbach5:02
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalArt van Damme2:27
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Boswell Sisters2:44
Lullaby of BroadwayHarry Warren?:??
Lullaby of BroadwayElla Fitzgerald2:27
Lullaby of BroadwayGeorgie Auld2:23
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:45
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Boswell Sisters2:58
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalThe Victor Silvester Orchestra2:42
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:12
Lullaby of BroadwaycoverTony Bennett3:14
Lullaby of BroadwayTony Bennett2:56
Lullaby of BroadwayWinifred Shaw & Dick Powell4:56
Lullaby of BroadwayAnn Richards2:59
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalTed Heath & His Music2:55
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Stage Door Orchestra3:22
Lullaby of BroadwaySonya Hedenbratt2:57
Lullaby of BroadwayWinifred Shaw4:02
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Manhattan Rhythm Kings4:18
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Ralph Sharon Trio3:27
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalGeorge Greeley3:24
Lullaby of BroadwayTom Wopat?:??
Lullaby of BroadwayRichard Himber?:??
Lullaby of BroadwayShelean Newman3:33
Lullaby of BroadwayDoris Day2:52
Lullaby of Broadway (from Gold Diggers)Dick Powell3:08
Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalEllen Jackson3:53
Lullaby of BroadwayThe New York Theater with The Broadway Choir5:05
Lullaby of BroadwayWini Shaw3:36
Lullaby of BroadwaycoverErnestine Allen2:39
Lullaby of BroadwayThe Singers—Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton2:38
Lullaby of BroadwayMarti Webb & Mark Rattray1:07
Lullaby of BroadwayJerry Orbach5:03
Lullaby of Broadway (42nd Street)Harry Warren2:57
Lullaby of Broadway (Gold Diggers of 1935)John McGlinn14:33
Lullaby of Broadway (reprise)[unknown]?:??
Lullabye of BroadwayinstrumentalOscar Peterson3:08
Medley: Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) / Blueberry Hill / Calcutta / Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home / You Are My Sunshine / When the Saints Go Marching Home / Ja Da / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter / Lullaby of Broadway / American Patrolcover, instrumental, medley and partialThe All American Swing Band?:??
Optimistic Voices / Lullaby of Broadwaycover and medleyBette Midler2:27
The Gold Diggers of 1935: Lullaby of BroadwayWinifred Shaw3:34
The Lullaby of BroadwayStan Kenton2:40
The Lullaby of BroadwayinstrumentalGeorge Greeley?:??