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writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (1995-2020)
lyrics page:https://genius.com/The-beatles-michelle-lyrics [info]
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/8387 [info]
Songfacts:http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=91 [info]
Wikidata:Q1353749 [info]
referred to in medleys:All Together Now (medley) (order: 4)
later translated versions:Michelle (French version of the Beatles' song)
Michelle (german translation)
Michelle (Finnish)
Michelle (Italian version)
is the basis for:Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 4: Michelle
arrangements:12 Songs: Michelle
Michelle (for voice and piano, Andriessen)
Michelle (for piano, Feldman)
Michelle II (for voice and 7 instruments, Berio)


1965-11-03Michelle (1987 remix)The Beatles2:42
1965-11-03Michelle (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:42
1965-11-03Michelle (alternate mono mix)The Beatles2:47
1965-11-03Michelle (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:41
1965-11-03Michelle (mono mix)The Beatles2:47
1965-12MichellecoverThe Overlanders2:22
1966-04-14Michellecover and instrumentalOliver Nelson2:28
1966-11-23Michelle (mono)coverEddie Higgins With The Richard Evans Orchestra2:38
1966-11-23Michelle (stereo)coverEddie Higgins With The Richard Evans Orchestra2:38
1968-02Medley: Michelle / Yesterday (live, 1968‐02: Talk of the Town, London, England, UK)live and medleyDiana Ross & The Supremes3:48
1970-06-24Michellecover and instrumentalYusef Lateef1:42
1976-05MichellecoverKai Warner2:48
1976-08 – 1976-11MichelleMartin Mull0:31
1978-07-13Michellecover and instrumentalAlbert Dailey5:23
1982-03Michellecover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker4:29
1984-05MichellecoverJohn Bayless3:53
1984-09Michellecover and instrumentalOfra Harnoy3:34
1988-09 – 1988-10Michellecover and instrumentalAlbert Mangelsdorff & Members of Klaus Lage Band3:44
1993-05-26Michelle (live, 1993-05-26: Folsom Field, Boulder, CO, USA)livePaul McCartney2:57
1993-06-15Michelle (live, 1993-06-15: Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte, NC, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
1994Michellecover and instrumentalWallace Roney6:32
1999-12-17 – 1999-12-18Michelle (live, 1999-12-17 – 1999-12-18: Teatro Central, Sevilla, Spain)cover, instrumental and liveCarles Benavent, Tino di Geraldo, Jorge Pardo3:44
2000Michellecover and instrumentalJoanne Brackeen6:41
2003-06-01Michelle (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)livePaul McCartney3:17
2003-10-30Michellecover and instrumentalJonathan Kreisberg4:30
2005-06-14 – 2005-06-15Michellecover and instrumentalManhattan Jazz Quintet?:??
2008-07-20Michelle (live, 2008‐07‐20: Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePaul McCartney3:18
2008-10-10MichellecoverAndréas Hill, Thomas Bloch, Christine Ott, Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen2:53
2016-11-14 – 2016-11-16Michellecover and instrumentalGiora Feidman, Rastrelli Cello Quartet2:47
12 Songs for Guitar: Michellecover村治佳織2:49
And I Love Her / Michellecover, instrumental and medleyThe Vienna Philharmonic Rock Orchestra5:42
Liverpool Suitecover, instrumental and medleyJenny Oaks Baker7:15
Medley: Michelle / Chanson d’amourmedleyCliff Adams Singers and the Jack Emblow Quartet2:42
MicheleRichard Clayderman3:32
MichelecoverPaul Mauriat & His Orchestra2:17
Michelecover and instrumentalGeorges Schmitt3:16
Michellcover and instrumentalDiscovery Light Orchestra4:44
Michellcover and instrumentalKarumanta2:43
MichellecoverPat Coil3:18
MichelleThe Beatles?:??
MichellecoverThe Sign Posters?:??
MichelleThe Beatles2:41
MichelleThe Beatles2:44
MichellecoverJoe Sachse2:29
MichelleThe Beatles2:42
Michellecover and instrumentalNewton Wayland / Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra4:32
MichelleThe Beatles2:42
Michellecover and instrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra3:14
MichellecoverFour Tops?:??
MichellecoverMichel McLean3:13
MichelleinstrumentalCyril Stapleton & His Orchestra2:31
MichellecoverCarles Benavent/Tino di Geraldo/Jorge Pardo3:25
Michellecover and instrumentalPaul Kuhn2:54
Michellecover and instrumentalThe Mersey Sound Orchestra5:27
MichelleRichard Clayderman3:34
MichelleRichard Clayderman?:??
MichelleRichard Clayderman3:30
Michellecover and instrumental101 Strings3:42
Michellecover and instrumental[unknown]2:56
MichellecoverThe Overlanders?:??
Michellecover and instrumentalKresten Korsbæk3:36
Michellecover and instrumentalFranck Pourcel And His Orchestra3:40
Michellecover and instrumentalThe Starsound Orchestra2:51
Michellecover and instrumentalThe London Unity Orchestra4:17
Michellecover and instrumentalInstrumental Beatles2:56
Michellecover and instrumentalGeorge Martin?:??
Michellecover and instrumentalWadim Brodski2:59
Michellecover and instrumentalАлександр Петерсон2:03
Michellecover and liveBeatlemania2:48
Michellecover and instrumentalAlexander Zoltan2:43
Michellecover and instrumentalWarren Covington Orchestra2:43
MichelleBéla Fleck and the Flecktones7:11
MichellecoverJoel Paterson2:56
MichellecoverTommy Emmanuel3:11
MichellecoverThe All‐Starr Tribute Band2:32
MichelleinstrumentalBooker T. & the MG’s2:53
MichellecoverGeorgio Almeira3:07
Michellecover and instrumentalWelsh National Orchestra3:41
Michellecover and instrumentalThe Band of the Irish Guards?:??
Michellecover and instrumentalHappy Baby3:20
MichellecoverTango & Liverpool Project2:36
Michellecover and instrumentalNonato Luiz3:45
Michellecover and instrumentalVinicio Quezada2:53
MichellecoverRastrelli Cello Quartet2:41
Michellecover and instrumentalLondon Symphony Orchestra3:51
Michellecover and instrumentalGiovanni Marradi3:47
MichellecoverThe Reggae Specials3:24
MichellecoverMiloš Karadaglić feat. Steven Isserlis2:35
MichellecoverWalter Lang Trio4:55
MichellecoverMarian Dacal3:05
Michellecover and instrumentalRon Escheté3:59
Michellecover and instrumentalThe Dreamsound Orchestra2:55
MichelleRab Howat3:20
MichellecoverMax Band3:22
Michellecover and instrumentalBooker T. & the MG’s2:50
MichellecoverInga Bērziņa & Skygroove7:40
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