writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Northern Songs Ltd. (in 1967)
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Wikidata:Q1141022 [info]
referred to in medleys:All Together Now (medley) (order: 6)
later translated versions:Dans 45 ans
Kaupungin harmain mies
Når jeg er 65
Velhos no ano 2000
Wenn ich 64 bin


1966-12-06 – 1966-12-21When I’m Sixty‐Four (2017 stereo remix)The Beatles2:40
1984-09When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalOfra Harnoy2:55
1995-10-26 – 1995-10-27When I’m Sixty-Fourcover and liveGeschwister Pfister3:13
2002When I'm Sixty-FourcoverThe Swingle Singers3:01
2008-06-28When I'm Sixty-Four (live, 2008-06-28: Sgt. Pepper’s … Revisited, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveEdwin Outwater conducting Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with additional musical support from Aloke DasGupta, Satnam Ramgotra, Gingger Shankar, Christopher Smith, Mohiuddin Ahmed & Mark Power feat. Ian Ball?:??
2016-10When I'm Sixty FourcoverDjango Bates, Frankfurt Radio Big Band2:51
A Beatles Overture (medley)cover, instrumental and medleyDavid Arnold9:48
Medley: Ramblin’ Rose / King of the Road / I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing / Mammy / When I’m 64instrumental and medleyDelta Accordion Band5:19
When I Am 64coverCris Camacho3:35
When I Was 64coverDr Harry Steinberg1:46
When I'm 64coverMina2:47
When I'm 64coverNeil Hogan4:06
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalNewton Wayland / Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra2:58
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalThe Starsound Orchestra2:33
When I'm 64coverGrażyna Auguścik and Paulinho Garcia3:03
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalLes Fradkin2:58
When I'm 64cover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra3:00
When I'm 64cover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra3:03
When I'm 64cover and instrumental[unknown]2:50
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalBeegie Adair2:42
When I'm 64coverBernie Steinberg2:20
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalpoke-1,1701:54
When I'm 64coverConnie Evingson4:38
When I'm 64cover and instrumentalCanadian Brass3:16
When I'm 64coverJohn Pizzarelli2:44
When I'm Sixty FourcoverRajaton With Lahti Symphony Orchestra2:48
When I'm Sixty FourcoverBernard Cribbins2:31
When I'm Sixty FourcoverLitto Nebbia3:11
When I'm Sixty FourcoverThe Unforgettable Music Machine2:38
When I'm Sixty Fourcover[unknown]?:??
When I'm Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalMariano Yanani2:44
When I'm Sixty FourcoverLet hit be2:50
When I'm Sixty FourcoverBen from Corduroy2:21
When I'm Sixty FourcoverBruce Lang2:42
When I'm Sixty FourThe Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty FourcoverOrquesta Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Asunción2:35
When I'm Sixty FourThe Beatles2:52
When I'm Sixty Four[unknown]2:57
When I'm Sixty FourThe Beatles2:48
When I'm Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalSound Choice Karaoke2:53
When I'm Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalSnoopy2:39
When I'm Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalVinicio Quezada4:08
When I'm Sixty FourcoverRussell Brand?:??
When I'm Sixty FourcoverCaspar Babypants2:26
When I'm Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalGünter Noris2:05
When I'm Sixty Four (karaoke)John Lennon & Paul McCartney2:42
When I'm Sixty-fourcoverClaudine Longet2:49
When I'm Sixty-fourcoverJohn Denver2:04
When I'm Sixty-fourcover and instrumentalCedar Lane Studio Orchestra3:01
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and liveThe Analogues2:48
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverAmazos2:41
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalPeanuts Gang2:53
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalPeanuts Gang2:41
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalRon Escheté3:12
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalWadim Brodski2:41
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and liveDie Stimmbande3:27
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverKidzone3:14
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalThe Synthesizer Rock Orchestra?:??
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverMonaLisa Twins?:??
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverGeorgie Fame3:13
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalSullivan Fortner3:23
When I'm Sixty-FourThe Beatles2:40
When I'm Sixty-FourThe Beatles2:37
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverB For Bang2:11
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverMusikhögskolan i Piteå2:46
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:54
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverL.A. Workshop3:37
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverBig Daddy3:21
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverJoemy Wilson2:41
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverChin Up Chin Up2:44
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverThe Brown Derbies2:37
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalAndy Timmons2:42
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalLondon Starlight Orchestra2:42
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalHenrique Cazes & Paulo Sérgio Santos2:20
When I'm Sixty-FourcoverErich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra feat. King's Singers3:08
When I'm Sixty-Fourcover, instrumental and liveTorsten Turinsky3:24
When I'm Sixty-FourDoctor 34:46
When I'm Sixty-Four (extended dub mix)coverEasy Star All‐Stars feat. Sugar Minott5:34
When I'm Sixty-Four (Mono Speed Corrected)The Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four (mono version)The Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four (RM8 Take 4)The Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four (RS1 Take 4)The Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four (Take 4 - Complete, Original Speed)The Beatles?:??
When I'm Sixty-Four (take 4, Rm 8)The Beatles2:41
When I'm Sixty-Four / Yellow Submarinecover, instrumental and medleyThe Vienna Philharmonic Rock Orchestra6:18
When I’m 64instrumentalBritannia Building Society Band3:04
When I’m 64cover and instrumentalThe London Double Bass Sound3:30
When I’m 64coverJudy Collins2:42
When I’m 64coverThe Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir3:28
When I’m Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra2:46
When I’m Sixty FourcoverKenny Ball & His Jazzmen2:43
When I’m Sixty FourcoverBarry Gibb2:41
When I’m Sixty Fourcover and instrumentalPedro Guasti2:40
When I’m Sixty FourcoverSweet Little Band2:44
When I’m Sixty FourThe Beatles2:38
When I’m Sixty-Fourcover and liveCheap Trick2:50
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverFrankie Howerd & Sandy Farina2:38
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverBaxter Dury3:12
When I’m Sixty-Fourcover and instrumentalThe Synthesizer Rock Orchestra2:38
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverPaul Kuhn and the SFB Big Band2:47
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverThe Flaming Lips feat. Def Rain & Pitchwafuzz3:21
When I’m Sixty-FourThe Beatles2:40
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverProducciones Horizonte?:??
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverThe Courtney Pine Quartet4:10
When I’m Sixty-FourcoverJosé Miguel Tobar2:43
When I’m Sixty-FourThe Beatles2:38
When I’m Sixty-Four (Sgt. Pepper’s)The Beatles?:??
When I’m Sixty-Four (take 2)The Beatles3:01
When I’m Sixty‐fourThe Beatles2:40
When I’m Sixty‐fourThe Beatles2:42
When I’m Sixty‐Four (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:39
When I’m Sixty‐Four (1999 remix)The Beatles2:42
When I’m Sixty‐Four (5.1 mix)The Beatles2:40
When I’m Sixty‐FourcoverKeith Moon2:36
When I’m Sixty‐FourThe Beatles2:42
When I’m Sixty‐FourcoverAyreon2:52
When I’m Sixty‐Four (live)cover and liveCheap Trick2:54
When I’m Sixty‐Four (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:40
When I’m Sixty‐Four (take 2)The Beatles2:59
When I’m Sixty‐Four / Yellow SubmarineinstrumentalVienna Symphonic Rock Orchestra6:18