Recorded by Jimmie Rodgers as Blue Yodel No. 8, and later a hit for Bill Monroe as Mule Skinner Blues, this is by far the more widely performed version. A version with rewritten lyrics was recorded by Monroe in 1950 but rarely performed by him before or after.

The original lyrics begin: ''Good morning captain, good morning shine
Do you need another mule skinner out on your new mud line''

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lyricist and composer:Jimmie Rodgers (country music pioneer, died in 1933)
part of:Blue Yodels by Jimmie Rodgers (order: 8)
Wikidata:Q6933894 [info]
later versions:New Mule Skinner Blues (revised lyrics, first recorded by Bill Monroe ca. 1950)


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Blue Yodel #8 (1960-09-xx: Bob Dylan's home, Minneapolis, MN, USA)coverBob Dylan0:55
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Mule Skinner BluesJim Shumate3:08
Mule Skinner BluesThe Fendermen2:20
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Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)Dolly Parton3:10
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Muleskinner Blues (Almost) (1962-07-02: Finjan Club, Montreal, QC, Canada)Bob Dylan3:07
Muleskinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids2:30
Muleskinner Blues (Finjan club, Montreal)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Muleskinner Blues, Part 2 (Finjan club, Montreal)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??