composer: Harry Warren (US composer and lyricist)
lyricist: Jack Brooks (English-American lyricist)
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Wikidata: Q1605189 [info]
lyrics page:'S_Amore [info]
later parody versions: ’Night Mother (That’s Amore / Ma He’s Making Eyes at Me)
later translated versions: Son amores
later versions: That’s Amore (in Swedish)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1953-08-13 That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:08
1964-02-08 That's Amore live Dean Martin 2:49
1964-02-08 That's Amore live Dean Martin 2:29
1967-04-04 That's Amore live Dean Martin 2:26
2003 That's Amore Mark Adams ?:??
That's Amore cover Pure Jazz Moods 3:05
That's Amore (live) live Dean Martin 2:13
That's Amore Harry Warren 2:19
That's Amore Dean Martin 3:08
That's Amore James Marsden 3:07
That's Amore cover and live Geschwister Pfister 3:48
That's Amore The Ralph Sharon Trio 2:38
That's Amore cover and instrumental Joaquim Sanchez & Pipes of the Enamorates 3:07
That's Amore Patrizio Buanne 3:48
That's Amore Daniel O’Donnell 3:02
That’s Amore Elisabeth Turchi 3:12
That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:07
That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:11
That’s Amore instrumental Bryan Rodwell 2:01
That’s Amore cover Theo Diepenbrock 2:59
That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:06
That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:09
That’s Amore Dean Martin 3:10
That’s Amore cover [unknown] 2:35
That’s Amore (That’s Love) Dean Martin 3:08