lyricist:Aimee Mann
composer:Michael Hausman
Robert Holmes (guitarist, member of 'Til Tuesday)
Aimee Mann
Joey Pesce
publisher:'til tunes associates
Intersong U.S.A.
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q7939682 [info]
later parody versions:Boys Are Scary


1985Voices CarrycoverGang Green3:25
1985Voices Carry (live, 1985: Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveGang Green3:38
1985Voices ScarycoverGang Green4:35
1990-02-25Voices Carry (live, 1990-02-25: The Marquee, London, England)cover and liveGang Green3:19
Voices Carry’Til Tuesday4:34
Voices CarrycoverVitamin C4:16
Voices CarrycoverTiffany4:13
Voices CarrycoverToxic Audio8:09
Voices Carry (single mix)’Til Tuesday4:22
Voices CarrycoverMorella’s Forest4:23
Voices CarrycoverTiffany4:13
Voices CarrycoverThe Echoing Green4:59
Voices Carry’Til Tuesday2:09