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Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
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1966-06-08 – 1966-06-09Good Day Sunshine (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:10
1966-06-08 – 1966-06-09Good Day Sunshine (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:12
1982-11-05 – 1984-07-26Good Day Sunshine / Corridor MusicmedleyPaul McCartney2:33
1989-12-09Good Day Sunshine (live, 1989-12-09: Montreal Forum, Canada)livePaul McCartney2:34
1990-03-07Good Day Sunshine (live, 1990-03-07: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)livePaul McCartney?:??
2005-09-22Good Day Sunshine (live, 2005-09-22: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)livePaul McCartney2:05
2005-10-10Good Day Sunshine (live, 2005-10-10: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CA)Paul McCartney?:??
2005-10-26Good Day Sunshine (live, 2005-10-26: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2008-07-20Good Day SunshinelivePaul McCartney2:04
2008-07-20Let ’em In (live, 2008‐07‐20: Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePaul McCartney?:??
»Finale« Consisting of Main Themes From »Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band« / »Day Tripper« / »Good Day Sunshine« / »Norwegian Wood« (medley)cover and medleyR.A.M. Pietsch7:06
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Unforgettable Music Machine2:09
Good Day SunshinecoverLet hit be2:21
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal2:02
Good Day SunshinelivePaul McCartney3:07
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Tremeloes1:57
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Gentlemen of St John’s1:37
Good Day SunshinecoverLulu Joppert2:53
Good Day SunshinecoverJimmy James2:51
Good Day SunshinecoverLampshade2:31
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles?:??
Good Day SunshinecoverGindrinker3:46
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Little Monsters & The Bangles?:??
Good Day SunshinecoverBruce Lang2:12
Good Day SunshinecoverTyrrell2:12
Good Day SunshinecoverJohn Daversa featuring Renee Olstead5:14
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalWelsh National Orchestra2:25
Good Day SunshinecoverCaspar Babypants2:07
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalGeorge Martin?:??
Good Day SunshinecoverLampshade2:28
Good Day SunshinecoverAnn Dyer and No Good Time Fairies2:08
Good Day SunshinecoverConnie Evingson3:54
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:10
Good Day SunshinecoverJudy Collins2:28
Good Day SunshinecoverGlasBlasSing Quintett2:09
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalMunich Symphonic Sound Orchestra2:09
Good Day SunshinePaul McCartney1:43
Good Day SunshinecoverLulu Joppert2:14
Good Day SunshinecoverBen from Corduroy2:00
Good Day SunshinecoverLou Rawls2:20
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalHank Marvin3:15
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:11
Good Day Sunshine (live, 2005)Paul McCartney?:??
Good Day SunshinePaul McCartney2:33
Good Day SunshinePaul McCartney1:59
Good Day SunshinecoverGrace Potter2:03
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles?:??
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:12
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:09
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:08
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:10
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles2:11
Good Day SunshineThe Beatles?:??
Good Day SunshinecoverRockabye Baby!2:06
Good Day SunshinecoverBeelzebubs?:??
Good Day Sunshinecover and instrumentalJosé Marcello Orchestra2:15
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Beat Bugs feat. Robbie Williams1:58
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Eyes2:04
Good Day SunshinecoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:10
Good Day SunshinecoverJimmy James & The Vagabonds2:47
Good Day SunshinecoverLulu2:35
Good Day SunshinecoverRoy Redmond2:42
Good Day SunshinecoverClaudine Longet2:03
Good Day SunshinePaul McCartney2:28
Good Day Sunshine (End Vocal Overlays)The Beatles0:15
Good Day Sunshine (mono mix)The Beatles2:09
Good Day Sunshine (mono)The Beatles2:13
Good Day Sunshine (Reprise)coverJohn Daversa2:08
Good Day Sunshine (RM7)The Beatles2:13
Good Day Sunshine (RS1 Take 1)The Beatles?:??
Good Day Sunshine (RS1)The Beatles2:09
Good Day Sunshine (Si Take 1 - Piano, Percussion, Handclaps, Vocals)The Beatles2:10
Good Day Sunshine (SI take 1 - Vocals)The Beatles2:07
Good Day Sunshine (Take 1 - Rhythm)The Beatles2:09
Good Day Sunshine / Day Trippercover and medleyJohn Bayless3:29