Kuolema, JS 113 (for voices and orchestra, original theatre version)

~ Incidental music


Incidental music to the play by Arvid Järnefelt. Original theatre version.

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composer: Jean Sibelius (1903)
premiered at: Suomen Kansallisteatteri in Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland (1905-12-02)
part of: Sibelius-Werkverzeichnis (number: JS 113)
is the basis for: 2 Pieces from Kuolema, op. 44
parts: 1. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 1. Tempo di valse lente (for orchestra) (number)
2. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 2. Pakkanen puhurin poika (for voices and orchestra) (number)
3. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 3. Eilaa, Eilaa (for voices and orchestra) (number)
4. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 4. Andante (for orchestra) (number)
5. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 5. Moderato (for orchestra) (number)
6. Kuolema, JS 113: No. 6. Andante, ma non tanto (for orchestra) (number)