Song for My Father (instrumental)

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composer:Horace Silver
later versions:Song for My Father (English lyrics)


1964-10-26Song for My FatherThe Horace Silver Quintet7:18
1964-10-26Song for My FatherThe Horace Silver Quintet7:18
1965-08-03Song For My FathercoverRichard "Groove" Holmes6:11
1991-02-27 – 1991-02-28Song for My FathercoverManhattan Jazz Quintet9:39
1994-12Song for My FathercoverDee Dee Bridgewater5:36
1997-01Song for My FatherQuartette Indigo3:48
1999-05-10 – 1999-05-11Song for My FathercoverStefon Harris, Jason Moran, Greg Osby, Mark Shim7:16
2001-05-12Song for My FathercoverSteve Reid Trio5:27
2003-11-25Song For My FathercoverRyan Kisor6:50
2004-04-27Song for My FatherOrrin Evans7:24
2016-02-22Song for My FatherEthan Iverson5:20
Song for My FatherThe Horace Silver Quintet7:18
Song for My FatherLittle Bob & The Lollipops3:00
Song for My FatherNigel Kennedy7:31
Song for My FatherHorace Silver5:13
Song for My FathercoverHeavyshift?:??
Song for My FatherIntars Busulis & Jūlija Zakirova4:31
Song for My FathercoverDavid Benoit3:20
Song for My FathercoverDancing Mood4:06
Song for My FatherJamey Aebersold5:49
Song for My FatherHorace Silver7:13
Song for My FatherHorace Silver5:12
Song for My FathercoverNick the Nightfly5:01
Song for My FatherStanley Jordan7:09
Song For My FatherHorace Silver7:17
Song For My FatherHorace Silver10:41
Song For My FatherJazzkomplott3:48
Song for My Father 1coverRan Blake4:42
Song for My Father 2coverRan Blake3:21
Song for My Father, Part 1The Horace Silver Quintet7:19