Words (Monkees song)

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writer:Tommy Boyce (US songwriter of Boyce and Hart)
Bobby Hart


1967-06-14Words (single version)The Monkees2:52
1967-06-14Words (single version)The Monkees2:51
1967-06-14 – 1967-06-15Words (mono)The Monkees2:55
1967-06-14 – 1967-06-15WordsThe Monkees2:57
WordsElvis Presley2:57
WordsElvis Presley2:36
WordsElvis Presley2:33
WordsliveElvis Presley2:57
Words (TV version)The Monkees3:04
WordsThe Monkees2:44
WordsThe Monkees2:47
WordsThe Monkees2:59
WordsElvis Presley2:44
WordsThe Monkees2:47
WordsElvis Presley2:33
Words (First Recorded Version - 2017 Stereo Remix)The Monkees2:52
Words (first recorded version)The Monkees2:51
Words (single version)The Monkees2:52
Words (version #1, mix #1)The Monkees2:48
Words (version #2, mix #1)The Monkees2:51
Words (version #2, mix #3)The Monkees2:53
Words (version 1, Stereo remix)The Monkees3:03
Words (version 2, Mono remix, edit)The Monkees1:02
Words (version 2, Stereo remix)The Monkees2:57