It's You

~ Song


writer:Thomas Adam (member of E.S.P.)
Daniel Lee Ellington


It's You (part of "Droppin' That Old School Volume 1" DJ mix)ESP0:45
It's You (part of “Laurent Garnier: Excess Luggage” DJ-mix)E.S.P.2:47
It's YouE.S.P.4:14
It's YouE.S.P.3:56
It's YouE.S.P.2:15
It's You (part of “Louie Vega: Choice” DJ-mix)E.S.P.4:30
It's You (vocal)E.S.P.4:15
It's You (vocal)E.S.P.4:14
It’s You (part of “The Kings of House” DJ-mix)E.S.P.0:59
It’s You (instrumental reprise)instrumentalE.S.P.4:12
It’s You (instrumental reprise) (part of “Hex Hector: Remixology” DJ-mix)instrumentalESP2:58
It’s You (instrumental)instrumentalE.S.P.4:12
It’s You (MK remix) (part of a “MoS: The Annual 2014” DJ‐mix)coverFCL3:10
It’s You (Underground mix)E.S.P.4:10
It’s You (vocal)E.S.P.4:12