writer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
publisher:Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
is the basis for:Railroad Bill (Garrison Keillor rewrite)


1959-08-25Railroad Bill (1959 recording)Hobart Smith2:43
1961-04-30Railroad Bill (1961-04-30: Bonnie Beecher's Apartment, Minneapolis, MN, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1961Railroad BillliveJerry Garcia3:17
1970-03-04Railroad Bill (unreleased, Self Portrait)coverBob Dylan2:45
1980-07-12Railroad BillliveThe Gun Club2:21
1981-03-07Railroad Billcover and liveThe Gun Club1:50
1981-04Railroad BillliveThe Gun Club2:06
1998-11-20 – 1998-11-21Railroad BillliveVan Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber1:57
2000-04Railroad BillDave Alvin3:28
Railroad Billcover and liveJoan Baez2:11
Railroad BillAnne Murray0:59
Railroad BillcoverJoan Baez2:15
Railroad BillcoverJoan Baez2:13
Railroad Billcover and liveJoan Baez2:07
Railroad BillcoverBob Dylan4:09
Railroad BillcoverLonnie Donegan2:21
Railroad BillcoverAndrew Bird3:27
Railroad BillThe Floyd County Boys?:??
Railroad BillCrooked Still2:19
Railroad BillcoverBob Dylan?:??
Railroad Billcover and liveJoan Baez & Bob Dylan2:12
Railroad BillEtta Baker & Cora Phillips1:29
Railroad BillBilly Bragg & Joe Henry2:49
Railroad Bill (live, 1961/1963)cover and liveJoan Baez2:08
Railroad Billcover and liveJoan Baez1:08