composer:Richard Rodgers (1935)
lyricist:Lorenz Hart (1935)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q6946324 [info]
part of:Jumbo


1946-01-23My RomanceFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:13
1947-04-25My RomanceDinah Shore3:21
1947-04-25My RomanceFrank Sinatra with Axel Stordahl & His Orchestra3:18
1954-07-07My RomanceLee Wiley2:35
1956-08-17My RomanceinstrumentalRed Garland Trio6:54
1956-08-21 – 1956-08-31My RomanceElla Fitzgerald3:47
1956-09My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans1:59
1958-12-01 – 1958-12-02My RomanceCarmen McRae3:55
1960-05-27My Romance (live, 1960-05-27: Santa Monica, CA, USA)coverCal Tjader5:09
1960-06-16My RomanceinstrumentalGene Ammons4:16
1960My RomanceinstrumentalThe George Shearing Quintet?:??
1961-06-25My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:15
1961-06-25My Romance (take 1)instrumentalBill Evans7:09
1961-06-25My Romance (take 1)cover, instrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:12
1961-06-25My Romance (take 2)cover, instrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:14
1961-06-25My Romance (take 2)instrumentalBill Evans7:27
1962-06-06 – 1962-06-07My RomanceinstrumentalBen Webster & Harry “Sweets” Edison4:15
1962-12-26My RomanceinstrumentalBenny Golson Quartet7:30
1965-01-30My RomanceinstrumentalBen Webster6:42
1965-01-30My Romanceinstrumental and liveStan Getz Quartet3:07
1966-01My Romanceinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:54
1966My Romanceinstrumental and liveArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers7:01
1967My Romanceinstrumental渡辺貞夫3:54
1968-03-10My RomanceinstrumentalHampton Hawes9:04
1968-04-11My RomanceinstrumentalThe Three Sounds And The Oliver Nelson Orchestra2:54
1972My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans9:07
1975My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio8:52
1976-07-15My RomanceinstrumentalJoanne Brackeen / Clint Houston7:50
1978-02-02My RomanceinstrumentalSir Roland Hanna5:12
1979-09-27My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:13
1979-10-30My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio8:58
1979-12My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:17
1980-06-05My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:47
1980-06-06My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio8:20
1980-08-02My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio7:52
1980-08-31My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio11:15
1980-09-01My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:19
1980-09-02My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio10:10
1980-09-03My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:28
1980-09-04My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio8:58
1980-09-07My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:04
1980My Romanceinstrumental and liveBill Evans Trio9:15
1981-06My RomanceinstrumentalArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers3:43
1983-04-07My RomanceinstrumentalWarne Marsh5:40
1986-12-10My Romanceinstrumental and liveHod O’Brien10:10
1988-01-04 – 1988-01-05My RomanceinstrumentalBob Mintzer6:25
1988My Romance (live, 1988: USA)cover and liveTuck & Patti6:08
1991-02My RomanceinstrumentalMcCoy Tyner6:36
1991-03-04 – 1991-03-05My RomanceGeorge Coleman13:42
1992-04My RomanceinstrumentalElvin Jones6:16
1992My RomancecoverThe King’s Singers3:44
1993-12My Romance (live, 1993-12-24/25: Kirin Plaza, Osaka, Japan)instrumental and liveJimmy Smith Trio featuring Kenny Burrell6:28
1994-06-05My Romanceinstrumental and liveKeith Jarrett9:40
1994-09-19 – 1994-09-20My RomancecoverThe David Newton Trio9:20
1994-11-17My RomancecoverDanny Moss5:59
1995-03-13 – 1995-04-03My RomanceBrad Mehldau6:25
1998-06-01My RomanceinstrumentalHouston Person5:51
1998-07-01My RomanceinstrumentalThe Pizzarellis, Bucky and John1:50
1998-10My RomanceinstrumentalEddie Higgins Trio5:59
1999My Romancecover and instrumental国府弘子グループ4:52
2012-02-02My RomanceClarence Penn7:02
2015-11-17My RomanceCyrus Chestnut9:06
A RomanceElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong3:55
I Got Rhythm / My Romance / One Kisscover and medleyStacy Sullivan3:22
Medley: My Romance (from 'Jumbo') / I Didn't Know What Time It Was (from 'Too Many Girls')medleyRobert Clary4:25
My RomancecoverTuck & Patti3:40
My RomanceLinda Purl3:52
My Romancecover and instrumentalThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:45
My RomanceSergio Franchi2:38
My RomancecoverFantasy .Inc4:16
My RomanceEileen Farrell3:44
My RomanceSammy Davis Jr.3:32
My RomancecoverJames Sked Quartet6:06
My Romancecover, instrumental and liveTobias Becker Bigband7:11
My Romancecover and instrumentalJim Bajor4:06
My RomanceinstrumentalThe Ray Brown Trio feat. Ralph Moore5:35
My RomanceinstrumentalLorraine Desmarais6:55
My RomanceinstrumentalJohn McLaughlin4:09
My RomanceinstrumentalDenis DiBlasio5:59
My RomanceLinda Kosut4:24
My RomanceinstrumentalCharles McPherson7:13
My RomanceinstrumentalJohnny Griffin8:39
My RomancecoverRoberta Flack5:39
My RomanceinstrumentalMilt Jackson4:30
My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans1:59
My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans7:09
My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans2:00
My RomanceBill Evans Trio7:14
My RomanceinstrumentalLouis Stewart7:19
My RomanceinstrumentalRicky Ford8:30
My RomancecoverLivingston Taylor?:??
My RomanceStacy Sullivan3:42
My RomanceinstrumentalRhoda Scott6:00
My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans7:09
My RomanceChet Baker5:46
My Romancecover and instrumentalMax Abrams4:08
My RomanceinstrumentalGeorge Shearing2:41
My Romancecover and instrumentalTrần Mạnh Tuấn7:18
My RomancecoverTony Bennett3:41
My RomancecoverHilde Marie Kjersem + Jon Eberson3:37
My RomanceBill Evans8:42
My RomanceSylvia Syms4:37
My RomanceCarly Simon2:38
My RomanceCarly Simon2:36
My RomanceCarly Simon2:36
My RomanceJoe Derise4:17
My RomanceDina Blade3:49
My RomanceSarah Vaughan3:16
My Romance (instrumental version by unknown artists)instrumentalRichard Rodgers3:14
My RomanceDinah Shore3:13
My RomanceSarah Vaughan3:11
My RomanceThe Andrews Sisters2:40
My RomanceIlse Huizinga3:05
My RomancecoverGary Motley?:??
My RomanceMario Lanza3:44
My RomancecoverSasha Masakowski5:01
My RomancecoverBilly Porter & Leslie Odom, Jr.3:51
My RomanceJohnny Smith Trio?:??
My RomanceGloria Lynne2:47
My RomanceinstrumentalOrrin Evans Quartet6:55
My RomanceCarmen McRae3:53
My RomanceCarmen McRae3:55
My RomanceVic Damone2:20
My RomanceElla Fitzgerald3:44
My Romancecover, instrumental and liveBill Evans9:16
My RomanceRichard Rodgers2:32
My Romancecover and liveCantabile - The London Quartet?:??
My RomanceDave Brubeck2:38
My RomanceFrank Sinatra3:18
My Romancecover and instrumentalBen Webster2:38
My RomanceThe Supremes2:38
My RomanceThe Supremes2:37
My RomancePierre Van Dormael & Hervé Samb5:18
My RomanceThe L.A. 45:28
My RomanceJo Stafford3:24
My RomanceJo Stafford feat. Paul Weston & His Orchestra3:24
My RomanceThe Dave Brubeck Quartet feat. Paul Desmond2:42
My RomanceThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:48
My RomanceThe Dave Brubeck Quartet2:38
My RomanceRosemary Clooney3:58
My RomanceRosemary Clooney4:01
My RomanceThe Singers—Minnesota Choral Artists, Matthew Culloton4:17
My RomanceBobby Short3:53
My RomanceThe Stan Getz Quartet3:05
My RomanceEarla Porch3:47
My RomanceKerem Görsev & Allan Harris5:00
My RomanceinstrumentalBill Evans Trio7:18
My RomanceThe Platters2:15
My RomanceMel Tormé2:49
My Romance (from "Jumbo")Sergio Franchi2:35
My Romance / Any Old Place With YoumedleyIan Shaw3:15
1980-06-08My Romance / Fiveinstrumental, live and medleyBill Evans Trio10:09
1961-03-08Medley: One Kiss / My Romance / The Vagabond King Waltzlive and medleyPeggy Lee2:56