lyricist and composer:Neil Diamond (in 1966)
publisher:Colgems-EMI Music Inc.
Foray Music
Screen Gems–EMI Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.
Stonebridge Music
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later parody versions:I’m a Receiver
She's a Medusa
later translated parody versions:Da var det schäferen beit!
later translated versions:Sono bugiarda (I’m a Believer)


1966-10-15 – 1966-10-23I’m a BelievercoverThe Monkees2:46
1966I’m a Believer (early version)coverThe Monkees2:53
1967-02I’m a BelieverNeil Diamond2:43
1967I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:17
1967I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:25
1967I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:13
1967I’m a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:27
1968-10-04I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees2:09
1974-09-08I'm a Believer (live, 1974-09-08: Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, UK)cover and liveRobert Wyatt & Friends12:41
1974-09-10I'm a Believercover and liveRobert Wyatt3:44
1974-09-10I’m a Believer (live, 1974: John Peel, BBC Radio)cover and liveRobert Wyatt3:40
1988-07-09I’m a Believer (live, 1988-07-09: Zabo Linde, Nürnberg, West Germany)cover and liveThe Feelies3:00
2001-08I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:15
2002-07-06I’m a BelieverliveNeil Diamond3:06
2002-12-27I’m a BelieverliveNeil Diamond3:22
2008-08I’m a Believer (live, 2008-08-12~16: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)Neil Diamond3:33
2013-01-28I’m a BelieverliveMicky Dolenz and From Broadway With Love Chorus3:14
2013-08-21I'm a Believercover and liveSmash Mouth3:49
2014-09-29I’m a BelieverliveNeil Diamond3:22
Fireshow: Fairytalescover and instrumentalPatrask2:26
I'm a BelievercoverCadet3:29
I'm a BelievercoverKidz Bop3:02
I'm a BelievercoverKidz Bop3:01
I'm a BelievercoverWeezer2:59
I'm a BelievercoverJack Jezzro3:46
I'm a BelievercoverPomplamoose2:42
I'm a BelievercoverThe Hit Crew2:44
I'm a BelievercoverDéhà3:35
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees?:??
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:45
I'm a BelievercoverMop Meuchiine5:38
I'm a BelievercoverRobert Wyatt3:30
I'm a BelieverVanilla Fudge5:33
I'm a Believer (Instrumental Karaoke)cover and instrumentalThe Monkees3:13
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:45
I'm a BelievercoverHot Dad4:45
I'm a BelievercoverThe Sippy Cups3:04
I'm a BelievercoverHoel & Albrigtsen3:26
I'm a BelievercoverHuman Nature3:12
I'm a BelievercoverStanford University Mendicants3:12
I'm a BelievercoverStar Academy 43:06
I'm a BelieverliveNeil Diamond2:13
I'm a BelievercoverMike Massé feat. Jeff Hall3:19
I'm a Believercover and instrumentalThe Ventures2:31
I'm a BelievercoverThe Monkees2:45
I'm a BelieverNeil Diamond1:05
I'm a BelievercoverThe Frank & Walters2:43
I'm a BelievercoverUnicante2:52
I'm a BelievercoverChinchilas2:36
I'm a BelievercoverWanda Jackson2:46
I'm a BelievercoverBram Tchaikovsky3:45
I'm a BelievercoverOle Friis4:05
I'm a BelievercoverSugar Beats2:44
I'm a BelievercoverEcho Orbiter3:06
I'm a BelievercoverJan Keizer2:46
I'm a BelievercoverDaniel O’Donnell2:33
I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees3:23
I'm a BelieverNeil Diamond2:45
I'm a BelieverNeil Diamond2:33
I'm a BelievercoverBarb Jungr5:48
I'm a BelievercoverRoch Voisine2:55
I'm a BelievercoverRobert Wyatt3:51
I'm a BelievercoverMichael Ubaldini3:46
I'm a BelievercoverBoozed2:26
I'm a BelievercoverMadsen3:01
I'm a Believercover and instrumentalRicardo Caliente and Thomas Mohr2:41
I'm a BelievercoverGiants Club2:50
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:35
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees3:13
I'm a BelieverliveThe Monkees?:??
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:34
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:36
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:35
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees?:??
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees2:15
I'm a BelieverThe Monkees?:??
I'm a Believer (live)cover and liveThe Fix1:29
I'm a BelievercoverPå Slaget 123:04
I'm A BelievercoverDavid McCallum3:19
I'm A BelievercoverThe Monkees2:46
I'm A BelievercoverRobert Wyatt3:30
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees2:45
I'm A BelieverBe?:??
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees2:44
I'm A BelievercoverThe Monkees?:??
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees2:48
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees2:47
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees2:44
I'm A BelievercoverThe Monkees2:47
I'm A BelievercoverThe Monkees2:44
I'm A Believer (2017 Remix)coverThe Monkees?:??
I'm A Believer (2017 Remix)coverThe Monkees2:46
I'm a Believer (acoustic version)coverThom Cooper2:43
I'm a Believer (alternate mix)The Monkees2:51
I'm a Believer (early version)The Monkees2:53
I'm a Believer (feat. reprise by Eddie Murphy)coverSmash Mouth?:??
I'm a Believer (instrumental Backing Track, Mono remix, edit)instrumentalThe Monkees1:14
I'm a Believer (Stereo remix)The Monkees2:52
I'm a Believer (version #1, mix #2)The Monkees2:44
I'm a Believer (vocal rehearsal take, Mono mix)The Monkees2:52
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