Free Bird

~ Song


lyricist and composer:Allen Collins
Ronnie Van Zant
publisher:Universal Duchess Music Corp.
Wikidata:Q251304 [info]
referred to in medleys:Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird
Free Fallin’ / Free Bird
later parody versions:Cheap Birds


1973-03Free Bird (demo)Lynyrd Skynyrd11:09
1973Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:33
1973Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd9:08
1995-10-15Freebird / Sweet Home Alabama (live, 1995-10-16: Flea’s Birthday Suit: The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands)cover, live and medleyRed Hot Chili Peppers1:04
1998-10-30Free Birdcover and livePhish4:20
2001-11-07Freebird (live, 2001-11-07: House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveBuilt to Spill8:30
2006-06-23Free Bird (live, 2006-06-23: Decades Rock Live, Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)liveLynyrd Skynyrd12:22
2015-04-02 – 2015-04-03Free Bird (live, 2015-04-02–2015-04-03: Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, FL, USA)liveLynyrd Skynyrd12:13
Baby, I Love Your Way / Freebird Medley (Free Baby)cover and medleyWill to Power4:08
Baby, I Love Your Way/FreebirdWill to Power4:09
Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebirdcover and medleyWill to Power4:08
Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley (Free Baby)cover and medleyWill to Power4:06
Free Bird (live)liveLynyrd Skynyrd14:05
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd8:43
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:31
Free Birdcover and instrumentalEd Alleyne‐Johnson9:07
Free Birdcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:40
Free BirdcoverWorld Classic Rockers?:??
Free BirdcoverThe Blasters5:52
Free BirdcoverBlues Traveler5:39
Free BirdcoverRobby Turner, Gary Smith, Dennis Crouch, Pat Bergeson & Earl Palmer?:??
Free BirdcoverThe Wild Southern Boys4:58
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd7:26
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:32
Free Bird (7" edit)Lynyrd Skynyrd4:42
Free BirdcoverBanjo & Sullivan5:17
Free BirdcoverGuitar Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd4:53
Free Birdcover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project8:59
Free BirdcoverWynonna7:41
Free Birdcover and partialArnold McCuller1:23
Free BirdcoverThe Charlie Daniels Band6:38
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd12:12
Free BirdliveLynyrd Skynyrd14:23
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:31
Free BirdcoverHammers of Misfortune9:16
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:30
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:31
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd5:00
Free Bird (edit)Lynyrd Skynyrd4:21
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd9:08
Free BirdcoverDi Scherling4:58
Free BirdcoverMolly Hatchet with Charlie Daniels9:58
Free BirdcoverMolly Hatchet10:41
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd9:07
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd9:06
Free BirdcoverMolly Hatchet10:41
Free Bird (“Guitar Hero II” gamerip)coverWaveGroup Sound?:??
Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd9:08
Free BirdcoverJoey + Rory3:49
Free Bird (album edition)Lynyrd Skynyrd3:31
Free Bird (album version)Lynyrd Skynyrd9:07
Free Bird (alternate take)liveLynyrd Skynyrd14:55
Free Bird (live)liveLynyrd Skynyrd13:54
Free Bird (long version)Lynyrd Skynyrd9:07
Free Bird (outtake version)Lynyrd Skynyrd10:08
FreebirdcoverLonesome Standard Time8:48
FreebirdLynyrd Skynyrd4:22
FreebirdLynyrd Skynyrd3:33
Freebirdcover and liveWeen2:52
Freebirdcover and liveMolly Hatchet11:09
Freebirdcover and liveMolly Hatchet11:19
FreebirdLynyrd Skynyrd8:58
FreebirdcoverRichard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine0:20
Freebirdcover and liveThe Charlie Daniels Band7:08
FreebirdJever Mountain Boys11:58
FreebirdcoverDavid Dondero6:40
FreebirdcoverMr. Billy5:07
FreebirdLynyrd Skynyrd4:20
Freebird (radio edit) (radio edit)cover and instrumentalEd Alleyne‐Johnson4:58
Medley: Baby I Love Your Way / Freebirdcover and medleyWill to Power4:07