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composer: Adam Young
lyricist: Adam Young
publisher: Ocean City Park
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata: Q1165917 [info]
referred to in medleys: Polka Face


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Fireflies cover and instrumental Zach Heyde 2:40
Fireflies St. Laz & Opium feat. Owl City 3:03
Fireflies Owl City 3:28
Fireflies Owl City 3:01
Fireflies cover Mike Tompkins 3:43
Fireflies cover Ahmir 2:34
Fireflies cover Sam Tsui 3:37
Fireflies cover Steve Appleton 2:49
Fireflies cover Dj CUTMAN 3:28
Fireflies cover Future Idiots 3:27
Fireflies cover Bossa Nova All-Star Ensemble 3:41
Fireflies (album version) Owl City 3:48
Fireflies cover The Mighty Mr. Billy 3:15
Fireflies (UK radio edit) Owl City 3:15
Fireflies (live, Los Angeles) live Owl City 4:53
Fireflies Owl City 3:48
Fireflies Owl City 3:50
Fireflies Owl City 3:44
Fireflies Owl City 3:46
Fireflies Owl City 3:43
Fireflies Owl City 3:29
Fireflies Owl City 3:09
Fireflies Owl City ?:??
Fireflies (Adam Young remix) Owl City 3:12
Fireflies (album version) Owl City 3:51
Fireflies (chiptune cover) cover Pixelydian 3:44
Fireflies (Jason Nevins Mixshow Edit) Owl City 5:03
Fireflies (Live from Spotify NYC) Owl City 4:54
Fireflies (Marlow remix) Owl City 5:46
Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix) Owl City 5:23
Fireflies (Sanna & Pitron remix) Owl City 3:50
Fireflies (Sanna & Pitron remix) Owl City 3:12
Fireflies (Sanna & Pitron remix) Owl City 4:01
Fireflies (Technikore remix) Owl City 6:57
Owl City - Fireflies cover and instrumental MrSolidSnake745's Floppy Drive Orchestra 3:39