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  • This work was never directly copyrighted. Instead, it was automatically granted copyright protection by the Copyright Act of 1976. That copyright was then extended by the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act. The first time this work was directly referenced in a copyright filing was, along with 89 other works, in a transfer of copyright ownership filed on 1987-10-12.
  • First copyright date: 1988-10-26 (date ownership transfer was recorded)
  • This song goes by a many titles:
    • A Long Time A-Growin'
    • Bonny Boy
    • Daily Growin'
    • Daily Growing
    • He's Young but He's Daily Growing
    • Lang A-Growing
    • Lang A-Growin'
    • The Trees They Grow So High
    • Trees They Do Grow High
    • Young but Daily Growing

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writer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
arranger:Bob Dylan
arrangement of:The Trees They Grow So High (Original folksong)


1961-11-04Young but Daily Growing (live, 1961-11-04: Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan5:59
1965-05-04Young but Daily Growing (5/04/1965, Savoy Hotel, London)Bob Dylan2:51
A Long Time A-Growin'coverBob Dylan4:39
A Long Time A-Growin' ("basement tape" sessions)coverBob Dylan & The Band?:??
A Long Time Growin (1961-04-30: Bonnie Beecher's Apartment, Minneapolis, MN, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Lang A-Growin' ("basement tape" sessions)coverBob Dylan5:34
Lang A-Growin' (1961-04-11: Gerde's Folk City, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBob Dylan5:46
Long Time A-Growin'cover and liveBob Dylan7:47
The Trees They Do Grow So High (1961-11-04: Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York City, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan5:34
Young but Daily Growin' ("basement tapes" sessions)coverBob Dylan5:39
Young but Daily Growing ("basement tapes" sessions)coverBob Dylan5:35
Young but Daily GrowingBob Dylan and The Band5:40