Autumn Leaves (jazz standard, english lyrics)

~ Song


lyricist:Jacques Prévert (in 1945)
composer:Joseph Kosma (composer) (in 1945)
translator:Johnny Mercer (in 1947)
publisher:Ardmore Music Corp.
Enoch & Cie.
Morley Music Corp.
MPL Communications Inc. (Paul McCartney‐related, NYC‐based company)
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Wikidata:Q789392 [info]
later versions:The Fall
translated version of:Les Feuilles mortes
is the basis for:New Classics Suite: I. Allegro - Autumn Leaves
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arrangements:Autumn Leaves (Coldcut version)


1950-07-13Autumn LeavesJo Stafford with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney2:31
1950-09-07Autumn LeavesBing Crosby with Axel Stordahl and His Orchestra3:27
1950-09-07Autumn LeavesBing Crosby3:27
1950-10-05Autumn LeavesArtie Shaw and His Orchestra3:02
1951-07-13Autumn LeavesinstrumentalJames Moody3:30
1951Autumn LeavesStan Kenton & His Greatest Orchestra2:43
1952-12-05Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:06
1952-12-05Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz3:01
1952-12-19Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet2:58
1952-12-19Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz3:02
1952-12-19Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:06
1952-12-19Autumn LeavesinstrumentalStan Getz feat. Duke Jordan & Jimmy Raney3:03
1952-12-19Autumn Leaves (alternate take)instrumentalStan Getz feat. Duke Jordan & Jimmy Raney3:09
1952-12-19Autumn Leaves (alternate take)instrumentalStan Getz Quintet3:04
1954-02 – 1954-03Autumn LeavesArtie Shaw and His Gramercy Five3:37
1954-02 – 1954-03Autumn LeavesArtie Shaw and His Gramercy Five3:33
1954-08-09Autumn LeavesinstrumentalSonny Clark and Buddy De Franco Quartet7:30
1954Autumn Leaves (take 5)Artie Shaw3:37
1954Autumn Leaves (take 6)Artie Shaw3:35
1955-01-17Autumn LeavesinstrumentalTal Farlow1:45
1955-01-17Autumn LeavesinstrumentalTal Farlow1:43
1955-04-25Autumn LeavesinstrumentalMaynard Ferguson and His Octet3:20
1955-08Autumn LeavescoverNat King Cole2:41
1955-09-19Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveErroll Garner Trio6:31
1955-09-19Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveErroll Garner6:40
1955-09-19Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveErroll Garner6:32
1955-09-19Autumn Leavescover, instrumental and liveErroll Garner6:31
1956-06-17Autumn LeavesinstrumentalJimmy Smith4:43
1956-06-17Autumn LeavesinstrumentalJimmy Smith4:42
1956-07-11Autumn LeavesÉdith Piaf3:30
1956-08-11Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveFrank Morgan3:44
1956 – 1962Autumn LeavesinstrumentalBill Evans5:59
1957-01-13Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles mortes) (live, 1957-01-13: Carnegie Hall, New York, United States)liveÉdith Piaf3:33
1957-04-07Autumn LeavesinstrumentalDizzy Gillespie3:11
1957-04-07Autumn LeavesDizzy Gillespie3:13
1957-04-10Autumn Leaves (original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra2:52
1957-04-19Autumn LeavesBarbara Lea3:17
1957-06-14Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveDizzy Gillespie Big Band3:25
1957-09-15Autumn LeavesinstrumentalErnie Henry3:18
1957-10-01Autumn LeavescoverDuke Ellington & His Orchestra7:12
1958-03-04Autumn LeavesDuke Ellington & His Orchestra6:48
1958-03-09Autumn Leaves (take 2)instrumentalCannonball Adderley10:59
1958-03-09Autumn Leaves (monaural mix)instrumentalCannonball Adderley?:??
1958-04-24Autumn LeavesArt Pepper3:05
1958-07-07Autumn LeavesinstrumentalKenny Dorham3:09
1958-09-05 – 1958-09-06Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal Trio7:44
1958-09-06Autumn Leaves (live, 1958-09-06: Spotlite Club, Washington, DC, USA)instrumental and liveAhmad Jamal7:40
1958-09Autumn LeavesinstrumentalThe Ahmad Jamal Trio7:45
1958-09Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal7:41
1958-10-03Autumn LeavesliveLouis Armstrong2:29
1958Autumn LeavesinstrumentalTed Heath & His Music?:??
1958Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveAhmad Jamal7:41
1959-06-20Autumn LeavesinstrumentalBenny Golson6:50
1959-06-25Autumn LeavesMickey Baker2:10
1959-06-26Autumn LeavesinstrumentalThe Jazz Couriers4:40
1959-11-21Autumn LeavesinstrumentalJan Johansson & Arne Domnérus3:15
1959-12-28Autumn Leavescover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio6:01
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (stereo)instrumentalBill Evans5:56
1959-12-28Autumn Leavescover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:25
1959-12-28Autumn Leavescover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:21
1959-12-28Autumn LeavesinstrumentalBill Evans5:58
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (mono)instrumentalBill Evans5:22
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (mono)cover and instrumentalBill Evans5:26
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (stereo)cover and instrumentalBill Evans6:00
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (take 1 stereo)instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:59
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (Take 1)cover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:58
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (take 2 monaural)instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:24
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (Take 2)cover and instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:24
1959-12-28Autumn Leaves (take 9, Monaural)instrumentalBill Evans Trio5:26
1959-12-28The Autumn LeavesBill Evans Trio6:02
1960-07-12Autumn Leavescover“Brother” Jack McDuff5:12
1960-08-13Autumn Leaves (live, 1960-08-13: Birdland, New York, NY, USA)cover, instrumental and liveJulian “Cannonball” Adderley?:??
1960-08-29Autumn Leaves (stereo)cover and instrumentalLeo Wright3:47
1960-09-27Autumn Leaves (live, 1960-09-27: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England)instrumental and liveMiles Davis17:11
1960-10-11Autumn Leaves (live, 1960-10-11: Olympia, Paris, France)instrumental and liveMiles Davis and Sonny Stitt13:12
1960-11-23Autumn LeavesinstrumentalArt Pepper6:28
1960-11-23Autumn LeavesinstrumentalArt Pepper4:53
1960-11-26Autumn LeavesinstrumentalBooker Ervin7:03
1960Autumn Leavescover and instrumentalBill Evans7:05
1960Autumn LeavesinstrumentalGeorge Shearing2:29
1960Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveMiles Davis Quintet13:21
1961-01-26Autumn LeavesinstrumentalRay Bryant5:26
1961-04-22Autumn Leaves (live, 1961-04-22: Blackhawk Supper Club, San Francisco, CA, USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis11:45
1961-06-22Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveThe Ahmad Jamal Trio3:52
1961-06Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveThe Ahmad Jamal Trio3:52
1961-07-16Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveKenny Dorham2:57
1961-07-20Autumn LeavesinstrumentalWynton Kelly6:11
1961-07-20Autumn LeavesinstrumentalWynton Kelly4:23
1961-07-20Autumn Leaves (take 1)instrumentalWynton Kelly8:32
1961-07-21Autumn LeavesinstrumentalWynton Kelly5:11
1961-07-27 – 1961-08-06Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveThe Oscar Peterson Trio5:07
1961-08-23Autumn LeavesinstrumentalCurtis Fuller7:12
1961-10-01Autumn LeavesinstrumentalThe Bobby Timmons Trio7:57
1961-10-12Autumn LeavesRita Reys & Pim Jacobs Trio feat. Kenny Clarke3:52
1961-11-14 – 1961-11-15Autumn Leaves (mono)Zoot Sims7:32
1961Hojas de Otono (Autumn Leaves)instrumentalKai Winding3:03
1962-04Autumn LeavesinstrumentalBenny Golson4:40
1962-06-01Autumn LeavesliveFrank Sinatra2:24
1962-11-28Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveJohn Coltrane Quartet10:44
1962Autumn Leavesinstrumental and liveColeman Hawkins3:49
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