End Titles (Blade Runner)

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composer:Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical)
is the basis for:In Hiding


Blade RunnercoverDesert Planet3:26
Blade RunnercoverVangelis3:25
Blade Runnercover, medley and partialEd Starink3:35
Blade Runnercover, medley and partialSynthétiseur Orchestra3:35
Blade Runnercover, medley and partialStar Inc.3:36
Blade RunnercoverSynthsation3:41
Blade RunnercoverBox Office Poison3:40
Blade Runnercover and medleyEd Starink3:36
Blade RunnercoverTaurus vs. Laurent3:37
Blade RunnercoverClaudio Simonetti4:13
Blade Runner "End Titles"coverMark Ayres4:45
Blade Runner (end title)coverVangelis Experience4:59
Blade Runner (End Title)coverVernian Process5:04
Blade Runner (end titles) (1994 version)Vangelis4:39
Blade Runner End TitlescoverEdgar Rothermich7:29
Blade Runner End Titles (Dual-SID)coverMarkus "LMan" Klein4:35
Blade Runner: End TitleMark Ayres4:46
Bladerunnercover, medley and partialEd Starink3:35
Bladerunner (Part of the "Technics DJ Set, Volume Five" DJ-mix)coverTaurus vs. Laurent2:15
BladerunnercoverTaurus vs. Laurent5:48
Bladerunner (Miss Thunderpussy remix) (part of “MiXology Gold” DJ-mix)coverTaurus vs. Laurent5:48
Bladerunner 2001 (Director's Cut remix)coverDiary of Dreams4:34
End CreditscoverFrank Klepacki4:46
End TitlecoverMegabeat3:25
End TitleThe New American Orchestra4:19
End TitlecoverMegabeat3:00
End TitlesVangelis7:27
End TitlesVangelis4:06
End Titles (alternate edit)Vangelis4:36
End Titles (alternate edit)Vangelis5:13
End Titles (extended version)Vangelis7:22
End Titles (full length version)Vangelis7:24
End Titles (Full Length version)Vangelis7:13
End Titles From “Blade Runner”Vangelis5:01
End Titles From “Blade Runner” (Odyssey digital remaster)Vangelis4:10