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  • First copyright date: 1964-10-08
  • Copyright renewed in 1992

THE ALFEE are accused of copying this song in their song "落日の風."

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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (from 1964-02 until 1964-04)
publisher:Blossom Music Ltd.
M. Witmark & Sons
Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Warner Brothers Music Ltd. (UK subsidiary, so named between 1970/01/23–1971/04/26 and 1972/04/25–1988/08/23)
Warner/Chappell (from 1964 until 1992)
Special Rider Music (from 1992 to present)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q1941299 [info]
later translated versions:He, alter Liedersänger
L’Homme orchestre
Mr l’homme orchestre
Mr. Tambourine Man (Bengali)
later versions:Oh, My Lord Jesus


1964-05-17Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan6:37
1964-05-17Mr. Tambourine Man (live at Royal Festival Hall, London, UK – May 1964)liveBob Dylan6:36
1964-05Mr. Tambourine ManBob Dylan & Eric Von Schmidt6:11
1964-06-09Mr. Tambourine Man (take 1)Bob Dylan with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott0:46
1964-07-24Mr. Tambourine Man (1964)liveBob Dylan5:56
1964-07-26"Mr. Tambourine Man" - Newport Folk Festival : July 26, 1964liveBob Dylan?:??
1964-10-10Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan7:00
1964-10-31Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1964-10-31: Philharmonic Hall, New York City, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan6:33
1964-10-31Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1964-10-31: Philharmonic Hall, New York City, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan6:04
1964-10-31Mr. Tambourine Man (5.0 mix)liveBob Dylan6:38
1964-11-25Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan6:02
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (officially released studio recording)Bob Dylan5:29
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (original mono studio mix)Bob Dylan5:33
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (take 3, 1/15/1965, breakdown)partialBob Dylan3:23
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (take 6, 1/15/1965, released on Bringing It All Back Home, 1965)Bob Dylan5:55
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (takes 1–2, 1/15/1965, false starts)partialBob Dylan1:52
1965-01-15Mr. Tambourine Man (takes 4–5, 1/15/1965, breakdown)partialBob Dylan0:28
1965-01-20Mr. Tambourine MancoverThe Byrds2:31
1965-03-27Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California - March 27, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:29
1965-04-30Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Oval, City Hall, Sheffield, England - April 30, 1965)liveBob Dylan6:08
1965-05-01Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Odeon, Liverpool, England - May 1, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:49
1965-05-02Mr. Tambourine Man (live at de Montfort Hall, Leicester, England - May 2, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:45
1965-05-05Mr. Tambourine Man (live at Town Hall, Birmingham, England - May 5, 1965)liveBob Dylan6:04
1965-05-06Mr. Tambourine Man (live at City Hall, Newcastle, England - May 6, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:28
1965-05-07Mr Tambourine Man (live, 1965‐05‐07: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-05-07Mr. Tambourine Man (live at Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England - May 7, 1965)liveBob Dylan6:04
1965-05-09Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Royal Albert Hall, Manchester, England - May 9, 1965)liveBob Dylan6:21
1965-05-10Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Royal Albert Hall, Manchester, England - May 10, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:52
1965-06-01Mr. Tambourine Man (live at BBC Studios, London, England - June 1, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:58
1965-07-25Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)liveBob Dylan5:23
1965-08-28Mr. Tambourine Man (live at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Queens, New York - August 28, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:39
1965-09-03Mr Tambourine Man (live, 1965‐09‐03: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1965-09-03Mr. Tambourine Man (live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California - September 3, 1965)liveBob Dylan5:44
1965-10-30Mr. Tambourine Man (live at Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford, CT - October 30, 1965)liveBob Dylan6:38
1965Mr. Tambourine MancoverThe Byrds2:20
1966-02-05Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan7:26
1966-02-06Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan7:43
1966-02-26Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan7:02
1966-04-13Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1966-04-13: Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan7:46
1966-04-19Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan7:46
1966-05-05Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan8:16
1966-05-06Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan8:18
1966-05-10Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:11
1966-05-12Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan8:54
1966-05-14Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan8:54
1966-05-15Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:27
1966-05-16Mr Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan?:??
1966-05-16Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan11:07
1966-05-17Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan8:53
1966-05-19Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:52
1966-05-20Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:01
1966-05-21Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:40
1966-05-24Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan9:18
1966-05-26Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1966-05-26: The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)liveBob Dylan9:16
1966-05-27Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan10:29
1966Mr. Tambourine MancoverKalle4:30
1969-02-07 – 1969-02-08Medley: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) / Mr. Tambourine Man / Eight Miles Highcover, live and medleyThe Byrds9:47
1969-08-31Mr. Tambourine Man (live in Isle of Wight) (remixed)liveBob Dylan and The Band3:09
1970Carey/Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1970-10-16: Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada)cover, live and medleyJoni Mitchell10:35
1971-05-13Mr. Tambourine Mancover and liveThe Byrds3:38
1971-08-01Mr. Tambourine Man (2005 remix)liveBob Dylan4:45
1971-08-01Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1971-08-01: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York; original mix)liveBob Dylan5:17
1975-11-21Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1975-11-21 (afternoon): Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:42
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1978-02/03: Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveBob Dylan5:04
1978-03-15Mr. Tambourine Man (1978-03-15: Festival Hall, Brisbane, QLD, Australia (mono soundboard source))liveBob Dylan?:??
1978-04-01Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1978-04-01: Randwick Park, Sydney, Australia)liveBob Dylan?:??
1981-06-27Mr. Tamborine ManliveBob Dylan5:15
1988-05-11Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1988-05-11: Uptown Lounge, Athens, GA, USA)liveRoger McGuinn backed by “Southern Gentlemen” (Mills, Buck & Berry)2:28
1989-04-07Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1989-04-07: Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA, USA)cover and liveCrowded House with Roger McGuinn2:34
1989-06-15Mr. Tambourine Man (1989-06-15: Palacio de Los Deportes, Madrid, Spain)liveBob Dylan?:??
1989-07-19Mr. Tambourine Man (1989-07-19: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1991-01-16Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1991-01-16: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveThe Byrds with Don Henley and Jackson Browne and The Rock Hall Jam Band3:28
1991-11-05Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan6:37
1992-10-16Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1992-10-16: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveRoger McGuinn4:10
1992Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert 1992 w. Roger McGuinn)cover and liveTom Petty4:02
1994-02-14Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1994-02-14: Singapore, Singapore)liveBob Dylan7:06
1994-10-18Mr. Tambourine Man (1994-10-18: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1995-03-30Mr. Tambourine ManliveBob Dylan6:23
1995-06-07Mr. Tambourine Man (1995-06-07, Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA, USA)liveBob Dylan8:19
1995-10-15Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) (1995-10-15: Thibodaux Civic Center, Thibodaux, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1995-10-16Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) (1995-10-16: McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1997-12-19Mr. Tambourine Man (1997-12-19: El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan5:55
1998-10-20Mr. Tambourine Man (1998-10-20: Regina Agridome, Regina, SK, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
1999-04-28Mr. Tambourine Man (1999-04-28: Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia)liveBob Dylan?:??
1999-06-07Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1999-06-07: McNichols Arena, Denver, Colorado, United States)liveBob Dylan6:26
1999-06-13Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 1999-06-13: Gorge Amphitheater, Columbia River Gorge, WA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
1999-07-30Mr. Tambourine Man (1999-07-30: Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan7:53
2000-03-12Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) (2000-03-12: Bakersfield Centennial Garden, Bakersfield, CA, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2000-03-17Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) (2000-03-17, early show: Reno Hilton Amphitheater, Reno, NV, USA)liveBob Dylan?:??
2000-07-21Mr. Tambourine Man (2000-07-21: Meadows Music Theater, Hartford, CT, USA)liveBob Dylan6:56
2000-09-22Mr Tambourine Man (2000-09-22: Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, England, UK)liveBob Dylan?:??
2001-03-18Spy / Mr. Tambourine Mancover, live and partialThey Might Be Giants7:39
2002-02-02Mr. Tambourine Man (2002-02-02: Ice Palace Arena, Tampa, FL, USA)liveBob Dylan7:12
2002-05-02Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 2002-05-02: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan7:21
2008-04-23Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 2008-04-23: Amway Arena, Orlando, FL, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band?:??
2008-04-23Mr. Tambourine Man (live, 2008-04-23: Amway Arena, Orlando, FL, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band?:??
2008-11-13Mr. Tambourine Man (2008-11-13: Sudbury Arena, Sudbury, ON, Canada)liveBob Dylan?:??
2009-04-11Mr. Tambourine Man (2009-04-11: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands)liveBob Dylan?:??
[Eat the Document Soundtrack: Scene 54]: Mr. Tambourine Man / [harmonica solo] (live)liveBob Dylan2:53
Hayat BerbatcoverMüslüm Gürses3:10
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