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lyricist and composer:George Harrison (The Beatles)
publisher:EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!)
Harrisongs Ltd.
Nichion Synch Division
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referred to in medleys:The Beatles Concerto: 2nd Movement: Andante espressivo (Here, There and Everywhere / Something)
Something / Blue Jay Way (Love version) (order: 1)
The Music of The Beatles (order: 2)
The Music of The Beatles (order: 13)
later translated versions:Algo (Lyrics start with "Algo va a pasar en mi")
Algo (Lyrics start with "Algo en tu mirar yo vi")
Jag är mycket ensam nu
Manchmal (Something)
Manchmal (Something)
Se jokin
arrangements:Something (arr. Mike Alexander)


1969-02-25Something (demo)The Beatles3:19
1969-02-25Something (rec 2-25-69)George Harrison & Ringo Starr3:23
1969-10-22 – 1969-11-05Something / Octopus's Garden / The EndcoverGeorge Benson6:22
1969-11-07Something (Apple Studios 11.7.69 different vocals, extendedjam)The Beatles3:03
1969-12-02 – 1969-12-03Something (1st Arrangement)coverPercy Faith, His Orchestra and Chorus2:53
1969SomethingcoverPeggy Lee3:12
1970-02-16SomethingcoverCarmen McRae3:06
1970-03-27Something (live, 1970-03-27 second set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker5:13
1970-03-27Something (live, 1970-03-27 first set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker4:46
1970-03-28Something (live, 1970-03-28 first set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker5:41
1970-03-28Something (live, 1970-03-28 second set: The Fillmore East, New York, US)cover and liveJoe Cocker5:20
1970-05-08 – 1970-05-09Somethingcover and instrumentalRamsey Lewis5:15
1970-07-06Somethingcover and instrumentalChet Baker3:25
1970-11Somethingcover and instrumentalDavid “Fathead” Newman3:44
1971-07-21SomethingliveElla Fitzgerald3:39
1971-08-01Something (2005 remix)liveGeorge Harrison3:42
1971-08-01Something (live, 1971-08-01: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York; original mix)liveGeorge Harrison4:54
1973-01-12Something (live, 1973-01-12, Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley2:27
1973-01-14Something (live, 1973-01-14: Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, USA)cover and liveElvis Presley3:32
1973SomethinginstrumentalJunior Mance6:08
1974-10-26Medley: Your song〜Where is the love〜You make me feel brand new〜You are everything〜I won’t last a day without you〜Holidays〜Alone again (Naturally)〜Ticket to ride〜Something〜All you need is love〜What the world needs now is love (live, 1974-10-26: Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medleyオフコース5:58
1977SomethingcoverSarah Vaughan4:16
1979-09-27Something (live, 1979-09-27: The Pyramids, Giza, Egypt)cover and liveFrank Sinatra4:20
1979-12-03Something (1979 original studio master)coverFrank Sinatra4:45
1982-03Somethingcover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker3:32
1982-08-20Something (live, 1982-08-20: Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Dominican Republic)cover and liveFrank Sinatra5:05
1984-09Somethingcover and instrumentalOfra Harnoy & Orford String Quartet2:32
1985-04-26Something (live, 1985-04-26: Nippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)liveFrank Sinatra5:08
1988-02-10Something (Rockline radio, 10th February 1988)liveGeorge Harrison?:??
1991-12SomethingliveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band5:22
1991-12Something (5.1 mix)liveGeorge Harrison with Eric Clapton and Band5:21
1992-05-09Somethingcover and liveChet Atkins, Jerry Reed & Suzy Bogguss3:25
2001-01-29Somethingcover and liveГруппа Стаса Намина «Цветы»2:55
2001-12-03Something (live, 2001-12-03: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen2:47
2002-11-29Something (live, 2002-11-29: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)cover and livePaul McCartney & Eric Clapton4:25
2002Here Today / Something (live, 2002: USA Tour)live and medleyPaul McCartney?:??
2002Somethingcover and livePaul McCartney2:33
2003-06-01Something (live, 2003-06-01: King's Dock, Liverpool, UK)livePaul McCartney3:13
2006Something (Live) (Salyu Acoustic Tour 2006 “close to you”)cover and liveSalyu3:30
2008-07-20Something (live, 2008‐07‐20: Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada)livePaul McCartney4:53
2009-07Something (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)cover and livePaul McCartney4:04
2009-07Something (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2014-12-07Somethingcover and instrumentalOrquestra Ouro Preto3:16
2018-12-05Something (live, 2018-12-05: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)livePaul McCartney3:48
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe Piano Tribute Players3:09
SomethingcoverOdette Telleria2:41
Somethingcover and instrumentalAndré Mehmari1:47
Somethingcover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra3:32
Somethingcover and instrumentalRRSO Symphony Orchestra4:04
Somethingcover and instrumentalJason Myers3:52
Somethingcover and instrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra3:26
Somethingcover and instrumentalSweet Baby4:59
Somethingcover and instrumentalBrazilian Tropical Orchestra2:50
Somethingcover and instrumentalBrazilian Tropical Orchestra2:50
Somethingcover and instrumentalLos de la Flauta2:58
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe Allen Toussaint Orchestra3:48
SomethingcoverCarmen McRae3:06
SomethingcoverSusan Cadogan3:18
SomethingcoverThe Blues Busters2:34
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:40
SomethingcoverIsaac Hayes11:42
SomethingcoverAd Libitum, Lill Lindfors4:05
SomethingcoverNkulee Dube3:54
SomethingcoverSteven Chera3:19
SomethinginstrumentalSteve Chandler and Orchestra3:35
SomethingcoverJoe Cocker3:34
SomethingcoverEve St. Jones3:12
SomethingcoverJerry Vale?:??
SomethingcoverFrank Sinatra4:44
SomethingcoverFrank Sinatra3:33
Somethingcover and liveShirley Bassey3:44
SomethingcoverThe Rubber Band3:05
SomethingcoverIsaac Hayes11:43
SomethingAlex Brown2:54
SomethingcoverTony Bennett3:19
SomethingcoverJohnny Mathis2:35
SomethingcoverInger Marie4:34
Something (live, 1991-12-05: The International Exhibition Center, Nagoya, Japan)George Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingliveGeorge Harrison4:16
SomethingGeorge Harrison4:15
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingliveGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingliveGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingliveGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison?:??
SomethingGeorge Harrison3:06
SomethingGeorge Harrison3:23
SomethingGeorge Harrison4:56
SomethingGeorge Harrison4:09
SomethingliveGeorge Harrison0:41
SomethingGeorge Harrison0:46
Somethingcover and instrumentalCedar Lane Studio Orchestra5:28
SomethingcoverShirley Bassey with London Symphony Orchestra3:35
Something (original studio mix)The Beatles3:03
Something (The Beatles cover)coverInertia3:24
Somethingcover and instrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:41
SomethingShirley Bassey3:35
SomethingShirley Bassey3:01
Something (2019 mix)The Beatles3:02
SomethingcoverRaiana Paige4:59
SomethingcoverFlávio Venturini & Aggeu Marques3:33
SomethingcoverDeepak Chopra3:23
Somethingcover and instrumentalMariano Yanani3:03
Somethingcover and instrumentalDiscovery Light Orchestra3:36
SomethingcoverMiloš Karadaglić3:03
Somethingcover and instrumentalGiovanni Marradi3:28
Somethingcover and instrumentalWelsh National Orchestra3:06
Somethingcover and instrumentalStephen Bennett3:09
Somethingcover and instrumentalDavid Arnold5:08
SomethingcoverNeil Diamond4:10
SomethingThe Beatles3:02
Somethingcover and instrumentalAntoine Goudeseune3:36
Somethingcover and instrumentalVinicio Quezada2:53
Somethingcover and instrumentalLondon Symphony Orchestra3:23
SomethingcoverThe Reggae Specials3:10
SomethingcoverThe Leisure Society3:18
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe Starsound Orchestra3:12
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe Mersey Sound Orchestra4:16
SomethingcoverMartha and the Vandellas?:??
Somethingcover and instrumentalStars on Classic3:07
SomethingcoverHanging Dong2:18
SomethingcoverChristian Ale3:20
SomethingcoverProducciones Horizonte?:??
Somethingcover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra5:28
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe 101 Strings Orchestra5:30
SomethingcoverThe Hit Nation2:44
Somethingcover and instrumentalTwinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star4:17
SomethingcoverDJ Deep1:16
Somethingcover and instrumentalJohn Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio5:38
Somethingcover and instrumentalRoar Engelberg?:??
SomethingcoverJosé Miguel Tobar3:06
Somethingcover and instrumentalLos De La Flaute2:57
Somethingcover and instrumentalChantal5:02
SomethingcoverThe Shadows?:??
SomethingcoverLeslie King3:10
SomethingcoverNewton Wayland / Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra3:30
Somethingcover and instrumentalCount Basie & His Orchestra3:26
SomethingcoverCris Delanno2:14
Something (1970 original studio)coverFrank Sinatra3:33
SomethingcoverRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra3:02
Somethingcover and instrumentalBeegie Adair3:55
SomethingcoverGlee Cast3:03
SomethingcoverPhyllis Dillon3:44
SomethingcoverBert Kaempfert, His Chorus & Orchestra2:46
SomethingcoverSweet Little Band3:03
SomethingcoverThe Kennedy Choir3:11
Somethingcover and liveBobby Womack3:11
Somethingcover and instrumentalStrings Unlimited3:04
SomethingcoverThe Leisure Society3:19
Somethingcover and liveKerry Ellis & Brian May4:32
SomethingcoverPeter Mayer4:09
Somethingcover and instrumentalLondon Starlight Orchestra3:07
Somethingcover and instrumentalHenrique Cazes & Hamilton de Holanda3:08
Somethingcover and instrumental[unknown]3:05
Somethingcover and instrumentalTony Mottola?:??
Somethingcover and instrumentalPhil Allen?:??
Somethingcover and instrumentalBert Kaempfert & His Orchestra2:45
Something (2015 remix)The Beatles3:01
SomethingcoverJonah Matranga3:00
Somethingcover and instrumentalChet Atkins & Jerry Reed2:16
SomethinginstrumentalPepe Jaramillo3:49
SomethingcoverLydia Gray3:00
Somethingcover and instrumentalDavid Wilson3:17
SomethingcoverAlan Moorhouse?:??
Somethingcover and instrumentalMichael Lucarelli2:28
Somethingcover and instrumentalDaddy Plays3:16
Somethingcover and instrumentalPedro Guasti2:53
Somethingcover and instrumentalPedro Guasti2:53
SomethingcoverJohnny Harris6:14
SomethingThe Beatles3:00
SomethingThe Beatles3:03
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles3:02
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles3:01
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles3:23
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles3:02
SomethingThe Beatles?:??
SomethingThe Beatles3:01
SomethingThe Beatles3:03
SomethingThe Beatles2:39
SomethingThe Beatles3:03
SomethingThe Beatles3:03
SomethingThe Beatles3:00
SomethingThe Beatles3:05
SomethingThe Beatles5:19
SomethingThe Beatles3:02
SomethingThe Beatles3:18
SomethingThe Beatles3:41
SomethingThe Beatles3:00
SomethingThe Beatles3:01
SomethingThe Beatles2:39
SomethingThe Beatles2:57
SomethingThe Beatles1:26
SomethingThe Beatles3:23
SomethingThe Beatles5:27
SomethingThe Beatles3:24
SomethingThe Beatles1:22
SomethingThe Beatles4:33
SomethingThe Beatles4:47
SomethingThe Beatles9:03
SomethingThe Beatles3:23
SomethingThe Beatles5:31
SomethingThe Beatles3:20
SomethingThe Beatles5:31
SomethingThe Beatles3:18
SomethingliveEric Clapton & George Harrison?:??
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:10
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:15
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:11
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:10
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:10
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:13
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:10
SomethingcoverIke and Tina Turner4:13
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:03
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:10
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:12
SomethinglivePaul McCartney & Eric Clapton3:12
SomethingPaul McCartney & Eric Clapton?:??
SomethingPaul McCartney & Eric Clapton?:??
SomethingPaul McCartney & Eric Clapton?:??
Something (live: Caesar’s Palace, Paradise, Nevada, US)cover and livePaul Anka3:49
SomethingcoverB For Bang3:46
SomethingcoverHoward Keel3:11
Somethingcover and instrumentalCarl Doy3:40
SomethingcoverRachael Leahcar2:51
Somethingcover and instrumentalAl Pitrelli, Brad Gillis, John Petrucci, Michael Lee Firkins, Reb Beach & Steve Morse5:36
SomethingcoverCris Delanno2:44
SomethingcoverThe Brass Trigger4:22
SomethingcoverOrquesta Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Asunción3:07
SomethingcoverRockabye Baby!3:30
Somethingcover and instrumentalPedro Javier González3:01
SomethinginstrumentalKlaus Wunderlich3:36
Somethingcover and instrumentalJosé Marcello Orchestra3:40
SomethingcoverSusan Wong3:09
Somethingcover and instrumentalErroll Garner1:51
Somethingcover and instrumentalSound Choice Karaoke3:19
SomethingcoverIsaac Hayes11:47
SomethingcoverIsaac Hayes4:47
Somethingcover and liveShirley Bassey?:??
SomethingcoverJr. Walker & The All Stars5:04
SomethingcoverJohn Bayless3:32
SomethingcoverJay Wasco3:17
Somethingcover and instrumentalModern Gustin Trio2:46
SomethingcoverWade Marcus3:36
SomethingcoverCornell Dupree7:26
SomethingcoverThe Shadows2:46
SomethingcoverEl Natty Combo3:33
SomethingcoverJim Sturgess3:02
SomethingcoverLos Rolin4:03
SomethingcoverCity of Bath Male Choir?:??
SomethingcoverMary Byrne3:29
Something (live)cover and liveElliott Smith2:40
Something (2009-05-01: Echo Arena, Liverpool, England, UK (source 1))cover and liveBob Dylan?:??
SomethingcoverDiana Ross3:09
SomethingcoverPercy Faith2:46
Somethingcover and liveElvis Presley3:46
SomethingcoverRay Stevens3:11
SomethingcoverLena Horne & Gábor Szabó3:12
SomethingcoverTony Bennett3:22
SomethingcoverEngelbert Humperdinck2:24
SomethingcoverPerry Como3:34
SomethingcoverBooker T. & The MG’s4:11
SomethingcoverMartha Reeves & the Vandellas2:52
SomethingcoverAndy Williams3:01
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:07
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:15
SomethingcoverTelly Savalas2:42
Somethingcover and liveJack Jones4:00
SomethingcoverPatti Page2:52
SomethingcoverIsaac Hayes11:46
SomethingcoverThe Templeton Twins2:21
SomethingcoverKing Curtis3:46
SomethingcoverThe Hollyridge Strings2:45
SomethingcoverMaceo and All the King’s Men5:25
SomethingcoverRonnie Dyson2:49
SomethingcoverJames Brown3:37
SomethingcoverJohnny Rodriguez2:51
SomethingcoverBarbara Mandrell2:30
SomethingcoverMike Westbrook8:51
Somethingcover and liveLarry Coryell4:23
SomethingcoverTanya Tucker3:18
Somethingcover and instrumentalThe Gary Tesca Orchestra3:10
SomethingcoverIlona Knopfler3:12
SomethingcoverFlemming Bamse Jørgensen3:14
Somethingcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:08
SomethingcoverScubba feat. Sarah Menescal2:38
SomethingcoverJohn Howard3:21
SomethingcoverRay Conniff2:11
SomethingcoverJoe Cocker3:41
Somethingcover and liveJoe Cocker5:33
SomethingcoverIke & Tina Turner4:13
SomethingcoverPhyllis Dillon3:34
SomethingcoverJohnny Arthey Orchestra2:45
SomethingcoverPhyllis Dillon3:30
Somethingcover and liveDoug Martsch3:37
Somethingcover and liveDoug Martsch4:04
SomethingcoverLos DuraBeat con Litto Nebbia3:44
Somethingcover and instrumentalLanfranco Malaguti, Enzo Pietropaoli & Fabrizio Sferra4:36
SomethingcoverSusan Wong3:06
Somethingcover and instrumentalMunich Symphonic Sound Orchestra2:51
SomethingcoverHarry Sacksioni3:34
SomethingcoverTangoloco feat. María Volonté3:27
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:28
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:22
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:34
Somethingcover and liveElvis Presley2:58
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:35
Somethingcover and liveElvis Presley3:43
Something (live, 1971-01-28: International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA)coverElvis Presley3:38
Somethingcover and liveElvis Presley3:38
Somethingcover and liveElvis Presley3:33
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:40
SomethingcoverElvis Presley3:41
SomethingcoverJason Falkner3:38
Somethingcover and instrumental[unknown]3:12
SOMETHINGcoverBalalaika Nueva3:30
Something (5.1 mix)coverSusan Wong3:09
Something (5.1 mix)The Beatles3:02
Something (demo, take 1, RM1 from acetate)The Beatles3:20
Something (demo, take 1)The Beatles3:18
Something (demo)George Harrison3:16
Something (demo)The Beatles3:18
Something (demo)The Beatles3:23
Something (Demo)The Beatles?:??
Something (EMI demo)The Beatles3:17
Something (feat. Jamie Hoover)coverJason Byrd3:04
Something (Get Back session)The Beatles9:03
Something (Get Back Session)The Beatles?:??
Something (Harrison Solo) (demo) (alternate mix)The Beatles3:22
Something (jam)The Beatles5:41
Something (live) (live, Madison Square Garden; 2009 remaster)liveGeorge Harrison3:10
Something (master)coverElvis Presley3:40
Something (Master) (live)cover and liveElvis Presley3:40
Something (Mono)The Beatles3:01
Something (rehearsal)The Beatles0:51
Something (Rockline radio)liveGeorge Harrison?:??
Something (slower version)George Harrison4:40
Something (studio demo)The Beatles3:37
Something (take 37)George Harrison?:??
Something (take 37)The Beatles3:00
Something (take 37)The Beatles5:27
Something (take 37)The Beatles5:43
Something (Take 37)The Beatles5:41
Something (Take 37)The Beatles5:27
Something (Take 37)The Beatles4:22
Something (take 39 – instrumental – strings only)The Beatles2:41
Something (take 39 / instrumental / strings only)instrumentalThe Beatles2:42
Something (The Beatles)cover and instrumentalThomas Illig3:12
Something (the making of)George Harrison9:11
Something (The Voice Performance)cover and liveMeghan Linsey3:32
Something (X Factor performance)cover and liveMary Byrne2:24
Something (サムシング)cover and instrumental奏琉楽団3:06
Something / Blue Jay Way (transition) (Love version, 5.1 mix)partialThe Beatles3:30
Strawberry Fields / Somethingcover, medley and partialDon Williams with Pozo-Seco3:15
Suite: Hello, Goodbye / Something / Penny Lanecover, instrumental and medleyEnoch Light2:21
Yesterday / Somethingcover, instrumental and medleyThe Vienna Philharmonic Rock Orchestra6:47